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Steering Clear of Scammers While Seeking Houses to Rent in Pretoria
23 FEB 2021

For reliable services and a process you can trust. Whether you are seeking flats, or houses to rent ...

Ready to Rent a First-Class Flat in Pretoria
23 FEB 2021

If you wish to rent a flat in Pretoria nowadays, you are in luck. You can pick & choose, especially ...

Prepared for a Perfect Property to Rent in Pretoria
25 JAN 2021

Presently, we have hundreds of properties to rent in Pretoria, which is a great offering that enable...

Make Your Investment Accommodation in Pretoria Student-Friendly
11 DEC 2020

Pretoria is struggling with a student accommodation crisis, which means undergraduates will search &...

Reasons to Rent Your Property to Students
11 DEC 2020

If you have an investment property in Pretoria or you are thinking of purchasing one, here are reaso...

Looking For Student Accommodation? Huurkor Can Help.
9 OCT 2020

If you are still looking for student accommodation, we at Huurkor can help you find a new home that ...
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