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Practical Tips for Students Living Alone for the First Time | Huurkor
17 JAN 2020

To make the most out of living alone, we have created a list of some practical tips that will help y...

Keep Up with These 2020 Trends When You Rent That Flat in Pretoria
17 JAN 2020

So, what does someone who chooses to rent a flat in Pretoria need to know about 2020 d├ęcor trends?...

Is Student Accommodation a Worthwhile Investment? | Huurkor
17 JAN 2020

Student accommodation allows property owners to raise rent with the market when they advertise yearl...

Here Is How to Renovate Your Houses for Rent in Pretoria
29 NOV 2019

Houses that have been taken care of well draw in tenants seeking such a standard...

Your Viewing Checklist While Seeking Flats to Rent in Pretoria
29 NOV 2019

For those currently looking for flats to rent in Pretoria and surrounding areas, we strongly recomme...

8 Phrases to Understand about the Student Accommodation Lease
11 NOV 2019

To help young adults renting student accommodation, we have compiled a list of the top eight essenti...
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