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PUBLISHED 28 APR 2015   

Buying Townhouses for Rent in Pretoria – Ways to Boost Your Property’s Performance


Buying a townhouse to rent out in Pretoria is a popular route for many first time property investors. It makes great sense, after all, these properties are easy to rent, oftentimes cheaper than a standalone home and frequently in high demand with tenants. If you intend to follow suit and invest in a townhouse to rent out in Pretoria, then these tips can be of value to you, even if you are a seasoned investor.


One of the best tips to new and first time property owners intending to purchase a townhouse to rent in Pretoria is to opt for new developments wherever you can. Many investors choose to purchase new townhouses. They receive a shiny new and current property that doesn’t require any work. You may pay a premium for this new property, but in the long run, it will definitely be worth it. Your property management company won’t be inundated with maintenance and upkeep requests that can eat into your rent and profits.


Buy a Townhouse with a Good Position in the Building


One of the best ways to attract a lot of interest in your townhouses to rent in Pretoria is to purchase properties that have a good position in the building. You obviously want a property that is easy to maintain, but you want a property that is easy to let. For these reasons, many property owners try to buy ground floor units whenever possible.


While some top floor units certainly offer exceptional views that can actually add to their value, other top floor properties have lower ceilings, smaller rooms and a lot of stairs to climb. These features can count against you when searching for a premium rental for your townhouse in Pretoria. This is just something to keep in mind when searching for your investment property.


It is always recommended to avoid buying the very small townhouses or enormous properties, however there is no rule set in stone regarding this. One of the most important considerations regarding your prospective new investment is that the size of the property should match its particular location. A family-sized townhouse in a busy CBD is definitely not your first choice.


Two bedroom townhouses in Pretoria seem to be a common choice for investors, mainly because these properties tend to appeal to a broad range of tenants, from couples to singles, and friends looking to share. If your prospective suburb is located close to schools, chances are that your demographic will be young and established families. In these instances, larger properties may be a better choice.


Choose Huurkor for Assistance with Townhouses to Rent in Pretoria


At Huurkor, we bring many decades of experience in the rentals sector to each deal that we undertake. Our team of experienced property professionals acts with the full resources and support of a well-established company firmly at the helm of their industry. Our expertise extends to the letting of commercial buildings, factories, single unit apartments, apartment buildings and residential homes.


We also offer sectional title administration, and can help you to advertise your townhouses to rent in Pretoria. Aside from providing you with an extensive array of qualified and quality tenants for your townhouse, we can also see to all of your other property management requirements.


Additionally, our sales professionals can assist you with the purchase of fixed property, so we offer an all-in-one property solution for all of your needs. Contact us at Huurkor to learn more about our process of helping you rent out your townhouse in Pretoria and to achieve greater returns on your investment.