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PUBLISHED 19 MAY 2015   

How to Find Property to Let in Gauteng within Your Budget


Oftentimes, tenants fall for the allure of renting a property at the very edge of their budget constraints. This can devastate the household’s cash flow and negatively impact the family’s quality of life. There are various reasons for this, some of which we will delve into deeper. First, however, it needs to be mentioned that you should never max out your rental budget on the actual rent payment.


You need to keep in mind all the associated costs with renting a home and figure that into your budget. Some of the costs that you need to account for include:


  • Utility bills, including water and electricity;
  • Levies and gardening services; and
  • Any taxes and fees imposed by the municipality.


These are only a few of the possible fees that can add costs to your monthly rental budget. If you max out your budget on the actual rental of the property, these costs will need to come out of your living expenses. It can lead to you having to cut down on other areas of your monthly budget, leading to a reduced quality of life.


When searching for property to let in Gauteng, rent a property that is well within your budget but that also leaves room for all the smaller fees and costs that also add up. By doing this, you can rent a property that you truly can afford. Don’t fall into the trap of working and living just to afford your monthly rent.


Choose Huurkor for Affordable Property to Let in Gauteng


Huurkor’s history dates back to 1968. Since our inception, we have helped countless tenants find quality rental properties to let in Gauteng that fit their budget and needs. We are proud of our long history of great service in the property sector in Gauteng and Pretoria, and we continue to work hard to meet the expectations placed on us.


In 1976, Huurkor started with Sectional Title Management, which is just one more branch of our comprehensive property solutions in Pretoria. Today, we are experienced in letting commercial buildings, factories and blocks of flats, apartments and houses. Aside from offering property to let in Gauteng, we also offer assistance with sales of fixed properties. Our aim has always been to provide a comprehensive property service to our valued clients.


Benefit From Years of Property Experience in Gauteng


When you partner with Huurkor for all of your property needs, you benefit from our many years of experience in the sector. You only have one point of contact throughout your tenancy, working with our seasoned property managers. There is no need to deal with third parties or with the landlord directly. We have your best interests at heart and work hard to keep you satisfied throughout your tenancy.


Simply let our rental professionals know what you are in the market for and we will provide you with a list of possible properties that meet your needs. We have a comprehensive stock list of properties immediately available in and around Pretoria and the greater Gauteng. Don’t settle for any less than what your money deserves.


Upon deciding on the property of your choice, we perform a comprehensive site survey and inspection to point out and record any issues that need to be addressed. We look forward to providing you with a great property that far exceeds your expectations. Let us help you find and secure the property that you need. Our team is always available to advise you on every aspect connected with property to let in Gauteng. Partner with Gauteng’s leaders in property rentals.