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Reasons Why Apartment Rentals are Better than Buying


A lifelong goal for millions of South Africans is to achieve homeownership. While this is a great ideal to strive for, millions of South Africans need another option until they are able to realise this worthwhile goal. A great way to meet your short- to medium-term accommodation needs is to opt for apartment rentals. While both buying and renting homes and apartments have their own financial advantages, rentals do appear to have an edge when people are short on money.


Depending on your demographics and what stage of your life you are in, there are great financial benefits to renting, as opposed to outright purchasing an apartment or home. You can afford to give your family a safe and comfortable home, whether you are looking to buy or rent, since there are properties available for all budgets today. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why apartment rentals might be the best choice for you.


No Repair Bills or Maintenance Costs


Arguably one of the best advantages of opting for apartment rentals over homeownership is that you do not have the same repair costs and maintenance bills. When renting a property, the landlord is charged with keeping up maintenance and the associated repair costs of it. If a roof starts leaking, or the geyser bursts, you have no financial responsibility to have these things seen to. The property owner, however, is responsible for the property’s repair, renovation and maintenance costs.


Access to Top Amenities


Another great benefit of renting is that you have access to fantastic amenities that would otherwise be a huge expense. Many apartment buildings have fully functioning launderettes available for use by and to the benefit of tenants. This is also true for fitness centres and even under roof swimming pools. These are available to tenants at no additional costs, whereas if you were to own the apartment, it might cost you even more.


Save on Levies


Perhaps the property’s owner incorporates the unit’s levy in your rental, or he pays it separately. The point is that you don’t have to worry about it. You pay your fully inclusive rent and additional costs, like levies, are not yours to fret over.




When you purchase a property, it should be for at least half a decade, in order to make a profit or at least break even with your investment. When you rent, you can decide to move once the rental agreement comes to an end. There are many reasons for this – from finding out that your family is expanding, to changing jobs or graduating. When you opt for apartment rentals, you have far more flexibility to change accommodation for your changing needs, than if you were to have bought your home outright.


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