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PUBLISHED 18 JUN 2015   

Why You Should Turn to a Rental Agency for Flats to Let in Pretoria


Many rental agencies have a dubious reputation for always pursuing the landlord’s interests and not extending the same service to tenants. At Huurkor, we believe that the one complements the other, and they are equally dependent on each other. The landlord cannot rent out his investment without the tenant, and the renter can’t access accommodation without the landlord. We have always been committed to providing both sets of our clients with the same professional courtesy and dedication to helping them realise their goals.


We bring nearly half a century of experience to the table, and have helped thousands of South African families to find flats to let that are affordable to them, and safe and comfortable to live in. Let us help you to find your family’s next home, or manage your investment property to maximise on your investment. At Huurkor, our passion for the sector is clearly evident in all that we do. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why it makes sense for you to partner with a leading property rentals agency to find your new home.


Fingers on the Pulse


As a leading rentals agency with decades of experience and an established brand, we have an extensive stock list of properties from all segments of the market. Whether you are looking for a family home in a great neighbourhood close to schools, a bachelor apartment in the city centre, or offices for your next business, we have the solutions that you need.


A Professional Lease Agreement


We draw up lease agreements for each tenancy that we broker. No one-size-fits-all approach is used. Legal professionals draw up the lease agreement so that it is fair and representative of both sides’ needs. You can rest at ease knowing that your interests are also pursued and protected in a balanced way.


Dedicated Professionals Giving You What You Want


Our agents are experienced in assessing the needs of our tenants and matching them with appropriate properties. We take you on property viewings and provide you with various options for your needs, after determining your specific requirements. Once you decide on the property that you want, we perform pre-move in inspections to make sure that everything is in order.


You will never have to deal with the landlord directly. All aspects of the tenancy are handled by our team of seasoned property managers. You will never go wrong with entrusting us with helping you to find the best flats to let in Pretoria. Aside from offering flats to let, we also assist with the letting of commercial buildings, blacks of flats, factories and residential homes, as well as with the sales of fixed properties.


Partner with Huurkor for Quality Flats to Let in Pretoria


We are proud of our many decades of experience and dedicated, professional service to the property sector. Our team of seasoned property professionals continues to work hard to offer our clients the services that they need. Each team member is also qualified and registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa.


You can look forward to professional and dedicated service from a team of passionate property professionals with more than a century’s experience between them. Don’t settle for inferior or infuriating service. Get more value for money and sleep sound at night knowing that your home’s rental is seen to and managed by true professionals.


Even if your new apartment is only a temporary home for your family, we can help to make your stay at our flats to let even more enjoyable. Contact us at Huurkor to learn more about our company and comprehensive service offering.