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PUBLISHED 23 JUL 2015   


Should You Look for Properties to Buy or Flats to Rent in Pretoria?


This is a question that every person should ask at some time in their lives. There are merits in choosing to buy or opting for flats to rent, and it will all depend on the stage of life that you are in at the time. Perhaps it is time that you take the leap and purchase your first property, or it might still make sense to rent for this period of your life.


What are the merits of opting for flats to rent? When you rent a property, you are not as tied down as you would be when you purchase a piece of real estate. If you intend to buy real estate for investment purposes, then that is another kettle of fish altogether. If you intend to buy a family home for your family to inhabit, then you should do your due diligence and weigh the benefits of renting over buying.


Everyone should be able to claim their own piece of ground on this earth. If you would like to buy a home, but find that you are not in the position to do so yet, then opting for flats to rent in Pretoria can still afford your family a high quality of life, while you work towards buying your first property. If you are unsure as to which area to invest in, renting can also be a great benefit, since you can rent in different areas and decide which one you like best and buy a property there.


Make the Best Choice for Your Family with Flats to Rent in Pretoria


These are a few of the ways in which you can use rental properties to help you achieve your ultimate goal of buying and owning a property that you can be proud of. The requirements for renting a property are also far less stringent than buying a home. Your income doesn’t have to be as high as when you try to qualify for a bond, and you also don’t need as high a deposit.


There aren’t any attorney or transfer fees, and you can move into the rental home immediately, without waiting for the property to register on your name or having to pay occupation rent to the owner until the property has been registered. Make property rentals work for your family and use it as a way to achieve your ultimate goal of real estate ownership and independence.


Let Huurkor Help You Find the Best Flats to Rent in Pretoria


Searching for flats to rent can be a frustrating and stressful experience. This doesn’t need to be the case when you partner with us. At Huurkor, we bring many decades of experience and expertise to our sector. We provide sectional title administration, as well as the sales and letting of apartment buildings, standalone homes, commercial buildings and factories. We are proud of our long service history and continue to work hard to offer you the service that you expect.


Our company has helped many South African generations throughout the decades to find flats to rent and other rental properties that they need. We have extensive stock and through our network, we are able to source the properties that our valued clients need. Let us help you find your next home. 


To find out about our expert team of property professionals and to learn more about how we can help you find the best quality flats to rent in Pretoria, contact our Huurkor team today. Our team is at the ready to offer you all the assistance you will need to find the property that your family has been searching for.