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PUBLISHED 29 JUL 2015   


Trust Huurkor to Provide You with the Best Houses for Sale in Pretoria East


In a tough economy, most consumers are looking at ways to cut costs wherever they can. Even though the real estate sector in South Africa is on the mend after the disastrous last part of the previous decade, it is still challenging. When it comes to a home purchase, who would not want to save an extra five percent – an additional R5 000 per R100 000 of the sale price? Even though estate agent commissions vary, many real estate experts reckon that it is money that is being well spent.


It is true that anyone can shop around for a home, and even perhaps get a peek inside a few houses for sale in Pretoria East. But unless you have the time to make home shopping a part-time job, or have insight and inside knowledge of the real estate sector, you will be far better off partnering with a seasoned real estate agent who can aid you in your search of finding the right home for your family, or the best addition to your investment portfolio.


Take the example of a swimming pool. Say you want a pool, or you don’t want a swimming pool. Or perhaps you are in search of a home with a large yard for pets, or you don’t want the hassle of dealing with garden services and you prefer a property with a paved yard, then a real estate agent is the best person to find your house for you. At Huurkor, we bring many decades of expertise and experience to the real estate sector. Throughout our many years of experience in our sector, we have helped thousands of property owners find the best houses for sale in Pretoria East, and helped many others to quickly sell their properties and get the best returns on their investments.


Benefitting from Pricing Expertise


When you partner with a real estate professional, the agent will be able to provide you with an accurate price on your home from the moment that they take on your listing. Our agents have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the market, and know how well Pretoria East’s neighbourhoods hold their value.


While just about anyone can spend a few minutes online and pull some data of comparative house sales of any area, it takes years of insight and experience in the real estate sector to interpret that information to your specific case. A real estate agent can look at the raw data and determine whether your house for sale in Pretoria East is under-priced or overpriced. In the best case scenario, your real estate agent has such a good idea of what you are looking for that she won’t waste your time taking you from one open house to the next, if it won’t fit the bill.


This is what we work hard to achieve at Huurkor. Each of our trained agents are registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, and take the time to learn the needs and requirements of both our sellers and buyers, as well as our landlords and tenants. This puts us in a greater position to quickly find what you are looking for and meet the needs of our clients in an expeditious manner.


Sale and Letting of Homes in Pretoria East


Aside from offering houses for sale in Pretoria East, we also specialise in the letting of commercial buildings, factories, single unit flats, blocks of flats and houses. Additionally, we also offer expert sectional title administration services. Throughout our long history of service in the sector, we have garnered the loyal support of our clients, thanks to the proven commitment and dedication of our seasoned workforce, working hard to help them realise their real estate goals.


We continue to work hard to lead our industry forward in excellence and innovation, and in providing each of our clients with the best service available in the industry. Our team of expert real estate professionals is at hand to answer any of your questions regarding buying houses for sale in Pretoria East or putting your house on the market. Contact us at Huurkor to learn more about our extensive list of services and solutions, and to get the best returns on your investment starting today.