Rent a Town House in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 15 SEP 2015   

Why More People are Choosing to Rent a Town House in Pretoria


South Africans in general are always looking at ways in which they can boost their personal security, and that of their families. This is a big reason behind the popularity of town house rental in Pretoria, although it’s not the only reason. For those who choose to rent a town house in Pretoria, the advantages are clear. You have the benefit of a small community in your security complex to help keep an eye out for everyone involved, and there is safety in numbers and community living.


Many town houses are located in security complexes, which further offers tenants even more security. A freestanding home can be surrounded by high fencing and adjacent properties, but a town house located in a security complex with controlled access offers a different level of security. You know who is living with you in your complex, and you recognise the vehicles of your neighbours. Whoever gains access to the complex has legitimate rights of entry, and loiterers can’t gain access.


These are some incredible benefits in support of town house rental, but are there other reasons why so many people decide to rent a town house in Pretoria? Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons in support of town house rental that might help to make your decision a much easier one.


Benefits of Deciding to Rent a Town House in Pretoria


Oftentimes, town houses can be duplexes too. This means that you get double the living space. It is appealing for many décor styles, and separates the living areas from the bedrooms. It is also ideal for keeping your kids in the living area and out of the bedrooms, limiting their toys to specific rooms of the home so that they will not make your house seem messy. These are only a few of the reasons why people prefer renting duplex town house properties in Pretoria.


When renting a flat, chances are that you will not have the benefit of a backyard. When you rent a town house in Pretoria, you stand a great chance of finding one with a small to medium backyard that makes allowances for pets too. Now your kids have a safe outdoor area to play, your pets can roam about with ease, and you have a dedicated braai and outdoor entertainment area too.


Another reason why people prefer town house rental is the additional privacy. When renting an apartment with people living above you, beneath you and beside you, apartment buildings offer very little privacy. Even though town houses aren’t as private as standalone private homes, you can still enjoy more privacy than apartment living offers. Enjoy the benefits of a standalone, private home with the benefits of town house, complex living.


Trust Huurkor in Helping You to Rent a Town House in Pretoria


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We have an extensive stocklist of town house rental properties in Pretoria sure to meet your budget and other requirements. Contact our rental professionals for personalised help and professional assistance in finding and renting a town house in Pretoria. We look forward to helping you find and secure your new home’s rental. Contact us at Huurkor to learn more about our rental agency and to find out how we can help you find the home that you are searching for.