Property Management Services in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 18 MAR 2016   

Find Quality Tenants for Your Rental Properties with Professional Property Management Services


Competent and professional property management services in Pretoria can add significant value to your investment, and help it to perform far better. This is why seasoned property investors prefer working with reputable property managers to help them manage their properties successfully. Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges facing a property investor is finding quality tenants that will take care of their properties, and pay their rent on time.


A great tenant is worth their weight in gold. They will take care of your property, help you to stay on top of preventative maintenance and keep up with their rental payments. However, finding these tenants can be tough in a sea of prospects that you need to wade through. Professional property management services boast with helping you find the exceptional tenant and retain them for a long tenancy.


With quality tenants come many other benefits. A thorough screening process results in reliable tenants that:


  • Rent longer;
  • Pay on time;
  • Put less wear and tear on your unit; and
  • Generally, cause less issues and problems.


    Seasoned property managers have seen thousands of applications in their careers and can generally quickly dig through applications to find the real facts about candidates, and then analyse information for warning signs. By allowing professional property management services to handle the screening process, you also shield yourself from rental scams that are directed at property owners.


    Endure Fewer Costly and Time-consuming Legal Problems


    When partnered with professional property management services, the management agency draws up a legally binding lease agreement that pursues the rights of both the tenant and the landlord. The agency also possesses thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the very latest landlord-tenant laws, ensuring that neither client is left vulnerable or exposed.


    Included in the professionally drawn-up lease agreement are clauses that deal with:


  • Property and safety conditions of the rental property;
  • Inspections and lease addendums;
  • Evictions and terminating leases; and
  • The handling of security deposits and rental collection.


Achieve Shorter Vacancy Intervals


All property owners know that a vacant property quickly becomes a liability. It is perhaps the last thing you want to happen. Seasoned property managers can help you perform three absolutely essential tasks to help you fill your vacancies and achieve shorter vacancy cycles in general.


  1. Improve and Prepare the Rental Property


    Property management services in Pretoria will suggest and help to oversee any cosmetic improvements to maximise rental revenue. These services are partnered with professional service providers such as plumbers and electricians, in order to afford their landlords cheaper rates, but still enjoy excellent workmanship.


  2. Determine the Best Rental Rate


    Management companies keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry. They know what the general rental rates are for specific areas in Pretoria, and will help you to come to an accurate and feasible rental rate.


    Too high, and you will be stuck waiting with a vacant property. Too low, and you are losing money on your rental unit every month. Determining the correct rental rate requires expert knowledge on the local market, data, and recently sold and rented comparable statistics.


  3. Help You Effectively Market Your Property


Seasoned property management experts have written thousands of ads and understand where to advertise to expose your property to the best tenants. They also tap into their extensive networks to expose your property to the quality tenants that you want.


At Huurkor, we have worked hard over many years to become one of the leading property management services in Pretoria. We are proud of our long history of illustrious service and continue to work hard to offer both our tenants and landlords a world-class service. Contact us to learn more about our company, and to find out why we are one of the leading property management services in Pretoria.