Student Flats & Accommodation in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 25 NOV 2016   

Save on the Right Student Flat Rentals in Pretoria


As a student, you need affordable student accommodation in Pretoria. This world-class city is the political hub of South Africa, but more than that, it also houses some of the nation’s leading universities and tertiary institutes. Hundreds of thousands of students descend on the city each year, every one of them in search of affordable student accommodation. So how can you be sure to find the best student flat in Pretoria for your budget and needs?

There are a few ways in which you can save on your student accommodation, aside from just the rent. Finding an affordable flat is not the only way that you can cut down on your spending. Another great way to keep your accommodation and living fees under control is to be smart about where you rent. As a student, you need accommodation close to your university or college. However, this is not always possible, particularly because accommodation closely situated to tertiary institutions tends to be more expensive.


So what can you do? Look for student flats in Pretoria that are supported by excellent public transport networks. What’s more, ensure that your student flat is flanked by more than one type of public transportation. If you depend on buses to get to and from university, ensure that your area has a reliable taxi or train network running in your area, should one of the transport networks you rely on be unavailable for some time.


Get More from Your Student Flat


If you do decide to take up a rental in Pretoria that is a bit farther away from your tertiary institution, you may end up saving more on your monthly rental. If you do not want to compromise on the distance, then you may save on your monthly travel costs. Either option has its own benefits that should be weighed carefully to help you determine which one is best suited for your situation.


If you are looking for help in getting the best student flat accommodation in Pretoria at the very best rates available, you have found it. For many decades, we have been hard at work helping families find their next homes and students locate affordable accommodation. Aside from helping you to find the best accommodation for your needs, we also provide you with even more value for money by offering you peace of mind throughout your entire tenancy. You will never have to personally deal with a landlord, and you have a dedicated contact person at our agency throughout your entire stay in your student flat in Pretoria.


Huurkor – Connecting Students with Affordable Accommodation in Pretoria


We are exceptionally proud of our many decades of experience in the rentals sector in Pretoria. Throughout the years, we have helped countless students find the best accommodation that they can afford. With our extensive stock list of properties available, and our great network of landlords, we are in the best position to help our tenants find the correct accommodation for their needs.

Aside from specialising in rentals of domestic and commercial properties, we are also experienced in the sale of fixed property and apartment blocks, as well as residential homes. These are only a few of the many expert solutions that you can expect when partnering with us. Let us provide you with industry-leading solutions for all of your accommodation and rental needs in Pretoria.


We have worked hard to build up a strong reputation in the industry as leading and reliable experts in the property rentals market. Contact our team of rental specialists today to learn more about how we can help you find the best quality and most affordable student flats to rent in Pretoria.