House to Rent in Pretoria vs Buying

PUBLISHED 17 MAR 2016   

Is Renting a House in Pretoria Better Than Buying?

Answering this question will be different for everyone reading this article. It depends on your unique circumstances, and will vary from one person to the next. The best thing that you can do for your family and your budget is to take stock of your circumstances and requirements, and make an informed decision based on what you need from your home.

You don’t have to make the decision on your own, either. At Huurkor, we are happy to provide you with insight and advice on the pros and responsibilities of owning and renting a house. It isn’t an easy decision and it shouldn’t be made lightly. But once you decide on either option, we will help you to find the best house to rent or buy in Pretoria.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why people decide to rent a house in Pretoria, instead of buying one outright:

  • Families often need to live in a good school district that isn’t convenient for them to live in otherwise, and only do so for a few more years. This is why many prefer to rent a home close to some of the many great schools in Pretoria and then moving away after their children matriculate.

  • Oftentimes, professionals don’t know what their medium- to short-term travel requirements will entail, and they are unable to buy a property and settle down with the prospect of a short notice move hanging over their heads.

  • Sometimes, people don’t have enough saved up for the required deposit to apply for a bond on a property.

  • Many times, people are able to afford to rent in better neighbourhoods, and get better and bigger homes, than they would be able to if they bought a property and paid off a bond for the same amount of rent that they pay.

These are only a few of the many reasons why people opt for renting instead of outright buying properties.

Tips on Finding the Right House to Rent in Pretoria

Whether you anticipate staying at your new home for only a year or for far longer, your rental house will be your family’s home for the foreseeable future. As such, it needs to be a considered decision where you decide to root your family. There are a few important considerations to make before choosing a house to rent in Pretoria.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of deciding where to rent is the area and suburb. If you are a professional with a need for accessing the CBD on a daily basis, you want to cut out as much of the suburban congestion as possible. This will help you to enjoy a smoother daily commute to and from the office.

However, if you have school-aged children in your home, the focus shifts to school districts. Pretoria has some of the best schools in the country, and depending on where you settle, you can enrol your children at these leading educational institutions. These are all considerations that you need to take into account to make sure that you decide on the right home for your family.

Don’t forget to check the amenities in the area, and other essentials that you can’t do without. If you need assistance in finding the right house to rent in Pretoria, don’t look any further. At Huurkor, we have helped many South Africans find the right homes to rent and buy. Our experience extends to many decades and we have forged a strong reputation in the industry as a leader in our sector. Contact us to learn more about our company and to find out how we can help you find the best property to rent that fits your budget and your family’s best interests.