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PUBLISHED 21 NOV 2016   

Does it Really Pay to Partner with a Commercial Property Firm in Pretoria?


When it comes to renting out commercial properties in Pretoria, most property owners prefer partnering with an established property management firm to help take care of their assets’ proper management. By doing this, landlords can rest assured that every aspect of their property’s management is being seen to by seasoned industry professionals.


With so many variables in the property industry, landlords search for as many reassurances as possible. When partnering with a reputable property management firm, you can place your confidence in a team of experienced professionals with your best interests at heart. Let’s take a closer look at why it pays to partner with a leading property management firm who can take care of renting out your commercial properties in Pretoria.


Access Quality Tenants for Your Commercial Properties


Perhaps one of the most pressing aspects of making commercial properties available to let in Pretoria for any landlord, is to acquire professional and quality tenants. As many property investors know, a vacant property devolves from an investment into a liability, and vacancy rates need to be kept to a minimum. When you partner with a reputable property management firm, you don’t have to go through the schlep of searching for and vetting potential tenants.


The management firm has an extensive network of pre-qualified and professional, reputable tenants with an established track records as a tenants in the industry. This means that you have access to a qualified pool of quality tenants searching for the exact type of property that you have to offer. It also means that you don’t have to worry about these tenants paying late or defaulting on their rent. And should the worst case scenario become reality and they do fall behind on rent, you don’t have to take on that battle. Your property manager takes care of rent collection and making sure that tenants adhere to the requirements of the lease.


Another benefit of partnering with a leading property management firm is that these industry professionals do more than merely put up your commercial properties to rent in Pretoria. They work with you to devise a strategy to minimise vacancy rates and boost occupation levels throughout your portfolio of properties. You can benefit from their insight and experience in the industry, and make it work for you. It also leaves you with more time to take care of your other business, sleeping soundly at night knowing that your properties are managed by true professionals.


Choose Huurkor for Effective Commercial Property Rentals in Pretoria


At Huurkor, we possess decades of experience in the commercial and residential property markets in Pretoria. We have helped generations of South Africans find their new homes and premises for companies, and get the most value out of their investments. As a team of dedicated real estate professionals, we work diligently to raise the standards of excellence in our industry. Throughout the years, we have worked with investors, landlords, consumers and tenants looking to trade in the property industry with confidence. 



Our committed and professional, licensed commercial property professionals work with you to find the best tenant for your property. We take care of every aspect of the tenancy, and you never even have to deal with the tenant directly. Both parties sign a legally binding lease agreement which pursues the rights of both parties, and you leave the rest to us.


We take care of management aspects such as rent collection, preventative maintenance and lease renegotiation once the lease period matures, among other aspects. Let us use our lifetime of experience in the commercial property industry to your benefit. To learn more about us, and for the information you need to make informed decisions to place your commercial properties up for rent in Pretoria, contact us today.