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What to Look for in Residential Properties to Rent in Pretoria?


Every person and family is in need of shelter and a home. Finding the perfect home for your family might seem like an uphill battle and a huge challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. When you approach it systematically, you can eliminate the many possibilities and settle on the best solution for your needs. So what do you look for in residential properties to rent in Pretoria?


One of the first things that you have to realise is that finding the perfect home is not just about the home itself. There are more aspects to finding the right home than the features the home has to offer. By this, we mean the area and surrounding neighbourhood to your prospective home. While you may find the ideal three-bedroom, double-bathroom and garage property, if it isn’t in the neighbourhood that your family needs to thrive, it is completely wrong for you.


School Districts, Amenities and Transport


What are the things you need to consider when choosing the suburb to settle your family in? If you have school-aged children, perhaps one of the most important considerations will be which schooling district you end up in. Good schools are incredibly important to parents, as it should be. However, many suburbs in Pretoria offer other great amenities to families, including easy access to world-class malls, parks, shopping districts and medical care facilities.


For young professionals who need to get to the highway with ease in order to reach the city centre, you want to avoid the congestion of densely populated schooling areas. This means that you might choose a bachelor’s apartment or a one-bedroom flat in an area flanked by numerous major motorways that offer excellent access to the city. These are all areas and aspects that impact the suburb you choose to settle in.


Budget, Maintenance and Gardening Services


After deciding which suburb to settle in, you need to determine the budget you have for residential properties to rent in Pretoria. This is more than merely the baseline rental amount for your property. Don’t stretch your budget to its utmost when searching for a property to rent. Keep in mind that the rental is likely to increase in a year’s time, and if you stretch yourself too thin, then you may end up in a pinch when it comes to budgeting for the increase in twelve months’ time.


What’s more, you have to budget for auxiliary costs, such as gardening services for the property and maintenance for which you, as the tenant, are responsible for. Once again, if you stretch your budget to its limit, you may find yourself in a pickle when needing to budget for these extras. However, you are not alone when it comes to all the aforementioned aspects. At Huurkor, we go the extra mile to help our valued tenants find the best residential properties to rent in Pretoria, which falls within their means.


Choose Huurkor in Pretoria for Residential Rentals


At Huurkor, we have been helping South African families find new homes since 1968. With decades of experience and expertise to fall back on, we continue to work hard to add value to our sector. We work with our tenants to help them determine their exact needs, and then provide them with a short list of properties that directly meets their needs.


Our team takes the hassle out of finding you the right home for your family. Contact us to learn more about our real estate and rental firm, and for all the advice and professional service you need to choose your family’s new home. We look forward to helping you secure your new home and enjoy a relaxed and pleasant tenancy.