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PUBLISHED 12 JUL 2019   

What is Luring Businesses into Renting Commercial Property Spaces in Pretoria?


Commercial real estate rentals provide a tempting scenario for businesses that are prepared to explore the sector, and take advantage of its many great benefits. There are pros and cons to both buying and renting commercial property, and the option you decide on for your business depends on many factors that are unique to your circumstance. However, there are a few things that are luring more and more business owners to commercial property for rent in Pretoria.


One of the main benefits is the relative freedom that comes with a commercial property lease. Although commercial leases tend to be longer than residential leases, and many landlords require a commitment ranging from two years to upwards of five years, there is still some freedom that comes from not being weighed down with an expensive and rigid bond. More than just the expense, many small to medium businesses tend to avoid bonds just because of the finality of settling on one business premises for the foreseeable future.


Instead, when taking up commercial property for rent in Pretoria, you leave room to make the required adjustments, should your company’s circumstances change. If you need larger premises, or need to scale down, it’s easier to do when your lease runs out and you wish to move on to new premises, than it would be if you are stuck with the building and have a bond hanging over your head. This remains one of the biggest drawcards for renting commercial property in Pretoria.


Higher Productivity, Lower Maintenance Fees


As with all rentals, there are responsibilities placed on the tenant in terms of taking care of the property. However, expensive repairs and preventative maintenance issues of the rental property does not fall on your head. Instead, it is left to the property management company or the landlord to take care of this. You can simply carry on with your business tasks without being weighed down by all the hassles and responsibilities associated with owning the building and premises.


This is just one more reason why more and more businesses are attracted to taking up commercial property leases in Pretoria. With the unsteadiness surrounding interest rates, companies are also attracted to the prospect of knowing exactly how much they will pay for rent, with possible increases agreed upon in the lease agreement.


Partner with Huurkor for Commercial Property to Rent in Pretoria


Huurkor brings decades of experience to the commercial real estate market, and we have helped many South African businesses find the ideal premises for their operations. Throughout our long history of celebrated service, we have worked with companies from all sectors of the economy.


Thanks to our extensive network of both property owners and tenants, we have a constant stream of new stock coming in. Our seasoned property managers and rental specialists work with you to determine your precise 

needs, and they then draw up a shortlist of possibilities. Once you settle on the new premises for your business, we draw up a legally binding lease agreement which pursues the rights of both tenant and landlord.


After this, we take care of every aspect of your tenancy. You will have one central point of contact and a professional agent to deal with throughout your stay, making it easy to deal with anything regarding your rental.


You will never have to deal with the landlord in person. These are only a few of the benefits that we offer our tenants when taking up a commercial property rental with us in Pretoria. Contact Huurkor today to learn more about us, and to find out how we can help you find the best property for your business’s needs today.