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PUBLISHED 27 JAN 2017   

Brighten Up Your Rental Apartment On a Tight Budget


Every tenant has been there at least once – you want to spruce up your home, but you don’t want to spend money adding equity to someone else’s property. So what do you do? Spend the lifespan of your lease feeling uncomfortable in a property that you are unable to make your own? No! Happiness starts today, and you deserve to be comfortable in your rental home right now. After all, you can make your home enjoyable to live in according to your tastes, without spending thousands.


With summer kicking into full gear, as always, there’ll be lots to do in cities across South Africa’s capital over the next few months. When you’re not out enjoying all the great activities and attractions that pull visitors from all over the world to the city, direct your attention to your rental apartment in Pretoria and give it a spruce up for summer.


Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home


You may not be planning on being a tenant forever, and are working towards realising your dream of becoming a homeowner one day. But in the meantime, you have to enjoy where you are and where you’re living. If you’re thinking about brightening up your apartment rental, two of the first things likely to spring to mind are plants and flowers. While they may not last forever, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?


Flowers and plants are known for giving any home an effervescent and timely boost, and are relatively affordable investments. In Pretoria, in particular, our city is blessed with many flower markets bringing South Africa’s eclectically diverse flora to the insides of millions of city dwellers’ homes. Best of all, there are no concerns about being charged penalties off your security deposit for damage to the property at the end of the lease, like tenants with pets run the risk of.


Up-Cycling and Recycling


Up-cycling has long since ceased being the preserve of the hipster, and can really have an uplifting effect on any apartment rental. If you haven’t come across this term before, up-cycling is the process of reinvigorating old pieces of furniture and homely items by redecorating or changing them. You don’t need to be an interior fundi to have a lot of fun (and success) with up-cycling – all it takes is a bit of willingness and determination.


Other aspects that are bound to have a great impact on the ambience of your home are the blinds and curtains. This is probably something you may need to run past your rental agency or landlord, but if there are no objections, then some new curtains can make a big change in any room in your apartment rental.


Looking for Comfy Apartment Rentals in Pretoria? We Have You Covered


Huurkor has a distinguished history in the Pretoria property rentals and sales sector, dating back to 1968 when we were founded on the principles of transparency and great service. Throughout the decades, we have helped thousands of South African families and businesses find their next homes and premises. We are well-known throughout the industry for our thorough attention and knack at getting things done, for both our tenants and our landlord clients.


With an extensive network of property owners, tenants and landlords, our constantly refreshing stock of properties throughout the city places us in the best position to help you lease out or rent a property. To learn more about us, and for access to the hottest apartment rentals in Pretoria, contact us today. Let us take the hassle out of finding your next home, and make the move as seamless as possible.