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PUBLISHED 20 MAR 2017   

It’s Time to Move in – Here’s What You Need to Know


Congratulations, you’ve achieved what thousands of Pretoria residents set out to do every month. If you’re reading this article, it means that you’ve already navigated your way through the rental market to find your family’s new home for the next year, at least. So you may be thinking, the ink has hardly dried on my new lease agreement, can’t I take a minute and soak in the success of finding my new spread before starting on the logistics of the move?

The short answer is, no. Come on, you’re almost there! Don’t let moving day creep up on you. As any experienced tenant knows, the move-in day has the tendency to arrive faster than most are prepared for. So let’s take a look at what comes after you find a flat to rent in Pretoria, and how you can stay on top of all the details vying for your attention before you move your family and belongings past the flat’s threshold.


It’s All About the Documents


When you move into a rental property, there are a number of documents which, by law, you are entitled to receive. Whether from your landlord or their proxy, the rental agency, you should be provided with these essential documents to ensure full compliance with relevant property leasing legislation, as well as ensuring that there is no room for misunderstandings between the two parties. Let’s take a look at these important documents.


Signed copy of your lease agreement

Once you’ve put pen to paper and signed the tenancy agreement, it’s good practice for both you and the rental agency to retain a copy. This guarantees that all the terms of the agreement are in writing, and it also means that you can easily find information, such as the due date of the rent, the date for the end of your tenancy, and the landlord or rental agency’s contact information. It can also elaborate on first refusal rights, renewal fees and rental hikes, should you wish to renew the lease after it expires.


Compliance Certificates

While this might be more legally required for property sales, you can ask for an electrical certificate that verifies that the electrical installations, such as plugs, lights, geyser and wiring, in the home comply with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Inventory and Inspection

It is standard and best practice for rental agents to carry out an inventory either before you move in, or on the day you move into your flat. An inventory details the property’s condition and contents at the commencement of the tenancy, thus providing an impartial means of checking for damage at the end of a tenancy.


It’s important that you sign the document once you are satisfied with it, and keep a copy for your records. The inventory could end up having a significant effect on how much of your deposit you receive back at the conclusion of your tenancy, so it’s extra important to make sure that the process is carried out properly.


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