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PUBLISHED 14 DEC 2016   

How to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Pretoria Rental Agent


If you’re having any type of problem with your apartment rental that falls under your landlord or rental agent’s responsibilities, then it’s vital to get in touch with your letting agent. However, it can be daunting for a tenant to have these conversations, especially if damage has occurred through fault of your own. Understandably, many tenants put off the conversation as a result. But to be clear, this doesn’t solve anything, and in many instances, it merely exacerbates the situation that could’ve been resolved easier, had it been dealt with earlier.


It’s never easy or enjoyable tackling these issues head on, but rest assured, as leading rental agents in Pretoria, we’ve dealt with it all. So, let’s take a look at how to approach these conversations, why they’re essential to have, and how you can get a mutually beneficial result for all parties involved. We guarantee you it’s probably not even as bad as you think it is!


Why It’s Important to Discuss It Straight Away


Problems need to be discussed and dealt with right away, in order to keep them from worsening. A practical example would be if you’re starting to get mould in the bathroom, it could end up consuming the entire bathroom with damp if left untreated, and making the apartment uninhabitable. It could also cost a considerable sum to fix. If noticed and reported promptly to your rental agent, action can be taken to prevent its spread and devastation.


Similarly, if a guest of yours damaged the beautiful living room carpet by spilling red wine, notifying your letting agent immediately might provide you with a better chance of getting the stain out with a professional cleaner that they have on speed dial, rather than having to replace the entire carpet. It’s a judgment call, so be sure you make the right call.


How to Approach the Conversation


In our experience, it’s more about the stress our tenants cause themselves than anything else stopping them from reaching out and discussing a problem. We know that accidents happen, and we deal with whatever crops up. It’s understandably difficult to approach your letting agent if you’ve caused damage. However, by speaking openly to us about it, you are attempting to rectify the situation and are making the right move, which is always appreciated.


It’s also always recommended that you familiarise yourself with the contents of your tenancy agreement. The lease should tell you who to contact, in case of any emergencies or problems, making it the ideal place to start. The last thing you want to do is make the problem worse by reaching out to the wrong person.


Once you know who to contact, make sure you’re dealing with the person who is responsible for solving the problem in line with your lease agreement. If there is a structural issue with the property, it would be the responsibility of the landlord to have it seen to. If, for instance, there is damage caused through your negligence, such as breaking a window with a cricket ball, the onus may be on you to have it fixed.


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