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PUBLISHED 12 DEC 2016   

Keeping Your House Safe While on Holiday


December is upon us and if you’re heading away for the holidays, then it’s vital you ensure that your rental property is secure. After all, thieves have a sixth sense of spotting empty properties, with a scarily high percentage of break-ins occurring when the occupant isn’t around. As a tenant, we know your situation is probably different from those of property owners. You probably aren’t familiar with your neighbours if you’re new to the neighbourhood, and don’t know all the ins and outs of the area.


You don’t have to break the bank, nor do you have to endure sleepless nights while away, fretting about your home’s security. Here we take a look at some practical precautions that you can follow to ensure that your Pretoria house is as secure as possible, while you enjoy your hard-earned and well-deserved holiday.


Quick and Simple Precautions You Can Take Today


Time is definitely your friend if you’re a target of an attempted break-in. So, make sure you take appropriate pre-emptive steps. Before leaving, double check that all windows and doors are securely locked. The same goes for any garden gates and garage doors. The more time it takes a burglar to break in, the less likely they are to attempt it.


For extra peace of mind, and to quell that little voice of doubt even before it starts whispering in your ear, double check everything. No one wants to lounge on the beach and wonder whether they’ve left the garden gate open, and no one wants to turn around en route to their destination because the security company noticed that the garage door is open.


What’s more, before leaving home, make sure that all electronics and lights are switched off. A bedside lamp left on for over a week won’t just run up your power bill unnecessarily, but could also be a trigger for letting prospective burglars know that you’re away. For added peace of mind, simply consider unplugging larger electrical items, such as washing machines and television sets. This ends up saving you money and stress.


Top Tips for While You’re Away from Your House


Most things you can do to protect your property are simple and quick. One easy example to pick is mail that’s left to overflow in a letterbox. It’s a tell-tale sign that the house is vacant for a long period of time, so where possible, arrange with a family member or neighbour to collect your post while you’re off soaking up the rays.


One of the simplest, yet potentially most effective ways in which to keep your rental property safe is to install and activate an alarm system. If you have a home alarm, make sure that it’s activated as you leave. Double, then triple check this and consider leaving the code with a family member or a neighbour to use, should there ever be an emergency.


Lastly, tell your landlord or rental agent that you’re going away for a few weeks. While there’s no law that binds you to tell them, it’s a way for them to know that there may be a problem if they get a call about their rental property. They may even offer to call in to check up on things if they live locally. 


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