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PUBLISHED 14 FEB 2017   

Four Things Agencies Look at When Setting Your Flat’s Rental Rate in Hatfield, Pretoria


It’s only natural that every owner wants the highest return on their property’s rental income. However, you need to be realistic as to the income you can expect from your investment property, as any property manager worth their salt will be able to tell you. How can you make your property more attractive to the rental market, and in this way ensure the best rental price?


We take a look at some of the aspects that rental agents look at when setting your property’s rental rate. Knowing what we look for when determining a rental price will give you the knowledge needed to make your rental apartment attractive, in order to gross the highest possible income.


#1 The Competition


Naturally, we take a look at the competition when assessing your property’s rental income. We take a look at prices of similar flats to rent in Hatfield, Pretoria, that are either currently listed, or rented within the past few months. We also take into account how many days the apartments were on the market, and how the listing price for those apartments differed from the final rental prices.


#2 Market Trends


We take a close look at what’s affecting the market in your neighbourhood or building. Your agent considers national factors that shape the real estate rental market, such as inflation and the unemployment number, as well as local factors, such as whether the average apartment rental rate in your neighbourhood or building has been rising or falling.


Rental agents also take a look at new businesses moving into the area, and new property and commercial developments moving into the area in the near future. Plans for new local amenities like hospitals and new schools, parks and shopping districts can also impact the rental rates for flats to rent in Hatfield. It all impacts the value of rental homes positively for the owner.


#3 Your Neighbours


Although a flat the same size and age as yours recently rented for a high price, your own property might not fetch the exact same fortune if, for instance, the complex or building next to yours is dilapidated. On the flip side, if the grass is in fact greener on your neighbour’s side of the fence, their great curb appeal can have a positive effect on your flat’s rental value.


#4 The Goldilocks Price


Listing your apartment at a price that is “just right” from the start is essential to leasing it quickly. Overpricing your apartment, then dropping the price a few times while it sits untenanted on the market could lead to a lower final lease price than if the home was simply priced appropriately from the start. And of course, setting a lease rate that is too low is never good.


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