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PUBLISHED 20 FEB 2017   

Surviving Back to School This January in Your New Rental


Going back to school can be an exciting time. Your kids get to see their friends, have New Year’s field trips they look forward to, and with any luck, get teachers your children can’t stop raving about! However, it can also be tough on parents, with homework and extracurricular activities having the potential of being stress-inducing to both parents and children.


Let’s take a look at how you can use your apartment, neighbourhood and other assets in your immediate reach to help both you and your kids survive the “Back to School” rush this year. Even if you are renting a flat in Pretoria North, you can still make it homey and comfortable for your family to live in. One way is to make a dedicated study space for your kids in your flat. This can also benefit their study schedules and make it easier to get through their homework, as it is proven that routine and familiar environments positively impact academic performance.


Have a space in your home your home office that is just for hanging backpacks and storing school suppliers. This helps you and your children to know where everything is to avoid the morning scramble to get to the bus. It also keeps school clutter limited to a specific space in the home, and in a sense, keeps school life from invading other areas of your family’s life, that should be separate, such as family relaxation time.


Keep a Calendar Handy During the School Term


Between ballet lessons, art classes and rugby practice, it can be hard to keep a schedule straight, both for parents and kids. Keep a monthly desk calendar handy listing all your children’s activities in one central area, so that you are all on the same page. The fridge or a bulletin board are great options too, as you can add and subtract to it during the school term. Dry erase boards or chalkboards are also great options.


A great way to minimise hassle is to have low-stress mornings. How can you do this? Helping your kids get ready for school while you’re getting ready for work could be the perfect storm that leads to unnecessary fights and bust-ups in the mornings. Instead, formulate a routine that both you and your children are comfortable with to take the chaos out of mornings. What about 30 minutes before bedtime each evening, you help your kids set aside their school clothes and supplies for the next morning, so that they’re all set to go.


We’ll Help You Find a Flat to Rent in Pretoria North


Pretoria North is a popular area for young and starter families because of the great public schools in the area. If you’re looking for a flat to rent in the area, we’re your first choice. Since our inception decades ago, we’ve helped countless South African families find their next homes. We’re excited to help you find the right flat to rent in Pretoria North for your family.


We take care of every aspect of your tenancy, from helping you find the flat, to signing the lease and taking care of the move-in and move-out inspections. Our seasoned rental agents are at hand to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you settle on the best new home for your family’s immediate future.


To learn more about Huurkor, and to find out what we can do for you, speak to us today. There’s no reason to get stressed out about finding your family’s next home. We look forward to making the process of finding your new home as stress free as possible.