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PUBLISHED 12 APR 2017   

Top Tips for Renting Out Your House or Townhouse in Winter in Pretoria


The winter months are upon us, and if your lease agreement is ending and you’re in need of new quality tenants, we’ve got some helpful tips for you. The days are getting shorter, colder and bleaker, and tenants are flustered as the winter school holidays will be upon us in no time at all. Make it easier for quality prospective tenants to choose your home as their next rental with these helpful tips.


#1 Stay Warm


This isn’t the time to be stingy. You want to create a feeling of welcoming warmth in the home, and you can’t do this in a chilly house. If the home is vacant, keep the heater on a timer, so that the property is warm and toasty during showing times.


#2 Lighten Up, Literally


It’s even more important to ensure that each room is well-lit during the darker winter months. Some simple tricks are to place table and standing lamps around the room to quickly fix a dim area.


#3 Highlight Seasonal Features of the Property


If your home has a fireplace, build a fire. Arrange some throw pillows and cushions on the sofa in your living room, and highlight any other features that your home has that makes it a cosy place to spend the winter months.


#4 Show Off Your Landscaping


To help prospective tenants look beyond the grey and wintery brown lawn of your townhouse in Pretoria, and envision the property in warmer months, display photos of the house taken when things are green and in bloom.


#5 Keep Things Neat


While prospective tenants might not notice if the property is neat and clean, they will notice if it’s dirty and messy. Making your home as appealing and attractive to prospective tenants can only help you land the best tenants for your property.


Why It Pays to Partner with a Reputable Renting Agency


More and more landlords who are looking to rent out their houses and townhouses in Pretoria are learning about the value of entrusting this important aspect of their investment management to professionals. The real estate sector is constantly evolving and changing, and new laws make it tough for property owners to stay on top of the latest regulations.


Our seasoned rental agents keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry and stay on top of the latest changes, so that you don’t have to. We work closely with landlords and tenants to provide each party with a fair and pleasant experience. Thanks to our large network of landlord and tenant clients, we have a constant pool of quality tenants who are looking for houses and townhouses to rent like yours.


Once we match your property with its ideal tenant, we draw up a legally binding lease agreement which pursues the rights of both parties. By doing so, you know you are protected, and you know which duties you are responsible for, and which duties your tenants need to meet. You will never have to deal with tenants directly, as our property managers take care of all correspondence and contact with tenants on your behalf.


Let Us Help You Achieve Your Property Investment and Rental Goals


We’ve been around for a while. With decades of verifiable excellence, we’ve distinguished ourselves as the top real estate and rentals agency in Pretoria. Don’t be a victim of rental housing scams – partner with a leader in the industry for the best experience. Speak to us today to learn how we can help you maximise the returns on your investment, while removing the headache of putting your house or townhouse up for rent in Pretoria.