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Tips for Making Your Move to Your Moreleta Park Townhouse Less Stressful


You’ve done it! You’ve found and secured your family’s next home for the foreseeable future. Now the unenviable task of packing starts, and arranging movers to help you move into your new townhouse rental in Moreleta Park. It’s okay. We’ve all been there. And there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. We have some helpful tips to make the move into your townhouse rental less stressful.


Tip #1 Make a Plan of Action


Renting a new house is a big deal. It’ll be your family’s home for the foreseeable future. While moving can be stressful, and a bit expensive, with some planning and help from friends, it doesn’t need to be as hectic as you’d imagine. Whether you’re moving across town, or down the street, you’ll probably need a mover’s truck.


Do you have willing helpers to assist you during the move, or do you need to hire some help? Don’t make the mistake of trying to find a professional mover a few days before the month’s end – it’s their busiest time of the month. You’ll either end up paying a lot more than you otherwise would have, because of the short notice, or you’ll be left high and dry, as all the reputable movers will be booked until after the first week of the new month.


Tip #2 Prioritise Your Packing


As you start packing your current home or apartment up, assign a few boxes to each room that you’ll need quick access to at your new home. For example, you will want to keep personal toiletries, shower curtains, and first-aid kits and other necessities easily accessible for the new bathroom. Label these boxes “open now,” or use a sticker colour-coded system for boxes which are filled with essentials, and the ones that can wait until later to be opened. You’ll thank us later, we promise.


Tip #3 Don’t Go It Alone


Packing is perhaps one of the biggest tasks of moving. It’s also the most stressful. Invite some mates around, and a few relatives, buy some pizza and make it a packing party. Okay we get it, adding pizza to an event doesn’t make it a party. But you’d do the same for them, wouldn’t you?


Tip #4 Don’t Take It All


If you suddenly realise you have 11 boxes of clothes, but haven’t worn half of them in the last year, it’s time to part ways. Painful as it is, do yourself a favour and create two piles: a “keep” pile and a “donate” pile. These piles are pretty self-explanatory. This should also count for everything else in your house, from kids’ toys to books and linen.


Looking for Townhouses to Rent in Moreleta Park? We Have What You’re Searching For

For decades, we’ve helped South African families find their new homes. We’ve helped people sell, buy and rent successfully since the 1960s, and we’re proud of our long history of great service. Throughout our decades of existence, we’ve also learned a lot about the needs faced by both our landlords and tenants. We use this insight to make the rental process seamless and painless for all parties involved.


Let us help you find your new home, clinch the deal, and stay happy throughout your tenancy agreement. We have a constantly refreshing list of quality townhouses in Moreleta Park up for rent, so we’re sure to have something that’s perfect for your family. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your next rental period a pleasure. We look forward to working with you.