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PUBLISHED 31 MAY 2017   

Is It Possible To Terminate A Property Rental Lease Agreement Without Recourse?


There are often several possible reasons why a tenant may want or need to terminate their lease agreement before it has run its course. However, is it possible to do so without being in breach of the legally binding contract? The answer is perhaps somewhat vague, and it depends on the cancellation clause within the original lease agreement. Unless there are explicit grounds for cancellation of the agreement, which are stipulated in a cancellation clause, it can be quite difficult to get out of a lease agreement. This holds for both the tenant and the landlord.


Even if the lease agreement does not contain a cancellation clause, the tenant can still be considered in breach of the contract, should they decide to terminate the contract prematurely. A harsh reality that tenants need to keep in mind is that, should they be in breach of the contract, the landlord will be within their right to demand the tenant pays the the amount due for the remainder of the agreed-upon tenancy period. Should the landlord keep to and meet all the conditions of the lease, the tenant cannot simply terminate the lease agreement, and the same goes for the landlord, as long as the tenant keeps to the conditions of the lease.


What Is The Next Step?


Should the tenant need to terminate the lease agreement before it matures, the best course of action would be to approach their rental agency and discuss the matter with the landlord as soon as possible, for the possibility to come to a mutual agreement. This may include a prospect of another tenant taking over the current lease agreement, or subletting the property for the remainder of the lease period, whatever the case may be. Whatever agreement is reached between the two parties should be memorialised in writing, to avoid any confusion down the line.


While the Consumer Protection Act allows tenants to provide landlords with 20 days’ notice, should they choose to cancel their lease before it expires, it does not completely absolve the tenant of any responsibility. Even though the tenant has a right to move, if the landlord has met the requirements of the lease, the landlord is within their rights to recoup reasonable costs that they might incur during the search for a replacement tenant.


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