Flats to Rent in Groenkloof

PUBLISHED 16 MAY 2017   

Renting a Flat in Groenkloof? 4 Signs You Need to Call a Rental Agent


While house hunting TV shows make finding your next home seem easy and even romantic, closing the deal and throwing a housewarming at your new flat in real life hardly ever works out so smoothly. Finding a rental in the city can be messy, stressful and downright exhausting.


If you’re in the process of browsing through endless flats to rent in Groenkloof, trying to sidestep ads that seem too good to be true (something must be wrong with it!), or if you are just deflated at this point, here are a few signs that it’s time to call a professional rental agent.


#1 You Believe Everything You Read on the Internet


This is a definite no-no. While it’s easier than ever to view tons of listings online, not all the information on there is accurate, or up to date. You’re sure to pass some outdated ads, conflicting listings and different ratings.


With access to an updated stock list, a rental agent knows immediately which properties they have available to meet your needs. Should they not have exactly what you need, they’ll tap into their impressive network to try and source your family’s next rental home. Hey, it beats you having to do all the legwork, while juggling a move, full-time job and family, right? Which brings us to our next point…


#2 You’re Juggling a Hectic Schedule


You don’t need to spend hours of your limited time sorting through listings and contacting landlords. Your rental agent will do the proverbial browsing, so you only need to attend viewings that best fit your family’s needs, and your rental budget. Great, right?


#3 The Biggest Thing You’ve Negotiated Lately was Your Kids’ Bedtime


As professional negotiators, rental agents bring years of experience to the market. They know how to deal with landlords, and they know all the loopholes that need to be plugged to deliver a rental agreement that pursues both parties’ interests. Let the rental agent negotiate a great lease on your behalf, and you won’t even need to work with the landlord at all.


#4 You’re Not So Sure About Different Neighbourhoods


Driving through a neighbourhood that’s clean with a few green parks might make it seem like a great area to raise your family for the foreseeable future. But what’s beneath the surface? Rental agents make it their business to know the areas that they operate in, and they know the neighbourhood that’s best suited for you.

Your rental agent can also give you the scoop about local developments and changes that don’t pop up in a Google search. They will also place this information in context that could impact your stay in your new flat in Groenkloof.


Partner with Huurkor for Expert Rentals in Groenkloof


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We’ll do all the work to help you find your family’s next rental home. Let our team of property experts help you find your next flat to rent in Groenkloof, and make the rental process as effortless and hassle-free as possible. If you would like to learn more about our company, and find out how we can help you access some of the best listings in the city, speak to us today. We look forward to working with you.