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How to Get Over the Centurion Property That Got Away


Whether you are looking to buy or rent your next home, you have probably tried signing an offer to purchase or filling in a lease application and lost out to someone else. This is happening more and more to people, as the property crunch continues to bite in major urban areas in South Africa, especially in larger cities like Pretoria, and the municipality of Centurion.


While you may have shrugged most of it off and simply moved along to the next rental property, or the next prospective home, there might be the one that sticks with you. The property with the beautiful natural light that flowed into the living spaces, or the property with the ideal entertainment area that would’ve complemented your family’s life so well. It’s okay to feel sad that you missed out on that perfect Centurion property.


However, it becomes an issue when you feel like you can’t move on from that disappointment. Here are a few ways to help you get over “the one that got away”.


Get Right Back in the Saddle


If you must feel sorry for yourself, do it quickly. Perhaps share a quick toast to what could’ve been, then dive right back into search mode. Today’s real estate market moves fast; faster than many people can keep up with, which is why so many miss out on great deals. The last thing you want is to end up missing out on an even better home because you’re still thinking of what could’ve been.


Don’t Dwell on the Missed Dwelling


It’s in your best interest to “delete” the Centurion property that got away. Get rid of the photos on your phone, and do your best not to compare new homes to the one that didn’t work out. There are many beautiful properties in Centurion with great potential, so keep an open mind.


At the Same Time, Don’t Settle


Don’t allow your frustration or devastation to push you into a hurried rental or purchasing decision of the next available property you see, just to get the process done with. Stay true to your requirements, wants and needs, and hold out as long as you can until the right property comes along.


Talk to Your Rental Agent


Finding a property to rent or buy in Centurion can be challenging at the best of times. One of the best ways in which to navigate this often choppy industry is to partner with a legitimate real estate agency seasoned in helping people find the properties they would like. It’s your secret weapon, as your agent will do all the legwork of creating a shortlist of prospective properties matching your needs.


It sure beats you having to sit behind the computer screen during lunch break and sifting through hundreds of listings, making sporadic viewing appointments for after work or over the weekend, only to pitch up there with 

eleven other interested parties who have all already submitted their application forms. Believe us, we know the struggle is real.


Turn to Huurkor for All the Advice in Renting or Buying Properties in Centurion


Your Huurkor agent will be full of advice for surviving all the highs and lows of your journey to finding the perfect property in Centurion, as we make it our business to stay on top of the latest happenings and trends in the real estate industry.


Whether you are looking to buy, let out or rent a property in Centurion and its surrounds, we should be your first choice. Tap into our many decades of verifiable expertise and experience, and let us help meet your real estate needs. We look forward to helping you find your next property, whatever form it may come in.