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PUBLISHED 14 AUG 2017   


How to be a Good Tenant and Renew Your Rental Agreement in Centurion


It’s in your best interests to be a good tenant. This is not only the case for the short-term benefit of actually being able to extend or renew your current lease, but also for future leases. If you are a good tenant, you can confidently use your current landlord or rental agency as a reference in future. If you aren’t a great tenant, you may find yourself out on the streets eventually, quite literally.


But don’t fret. It really isn’t that difficult to be a good tenant. If you want to avoid the hassle of having to move at the end of your current lease agreement, and would like to extend your stay or renew the lease, or even be in a better bargaining position to negotiate a lower increase to the rental, then consider the following ways in which to boost your position.


You Have a Responsibility Towards the Flat’s Upkeep


While it might be factually correct that property managers and landlords are charged with staying on top of most of the home’s maintenance, there are certain aspects of maintenance that simply are your responsibility. Leaseholders are expected to maintain a clean property, dispose of refuse in a responsible manner, and have avoid negligent or deliberate destruction to the property.


The majority of rental agreements stipulate that a property needs to be handed back in a similar condition to what it had been when the lease commenced. On vacating a flat, should damage be noted, or cleaning be necessary, in order to return the property to a habitable state, reasonable expenditures can be subtracted from your security deposit.


How to be a Successful Tenant


While the responsibilities of a tenant and landlord might seem apparent to you, it’s always best to eliminate any room for misconception. In order to help yourself be a successful tenant, and to keep your rental in Centurion properly maintained, take the time to go over your expectations with the rental agent or landlord during the lease signing. It can’t hurt, and in this way, you are sure that everyone is on the same page, and which procedure to follow for future maintenance issues.


Any maintenance responsibilities have to be outlined in the lease agreement, so both parties appreciate their contractual responsibilities in terms of maintaining the property properly. While it might not fall on you to fix problems like leaky roofs or cracked foundations, you are required to inform the rental agency, property manager or landlord about these maintenance issues during your tenancy, so they can affect the required repairs and prevent future damage from occurring.


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