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PUBLISHED 23 AUG 2017   

3 Closing Mistakes to Avoid After Signing Your Rental Agreement on a Flat in Centurion


The landlord has accepted your application, the rental agent didn’t find any leaky faucets or dodgy electrical wiring, and the move-in date has been set. You are this close to moving into your new flat rental in Centurion. While you can breathe a little easier now that you’ve officially outmanoeuvred the dozens of other tenant applicants, remember that the deal is not sealed until all the signatures have dried on the lease agreement. Here are a few closing mistakes to avoid when renting a flat in Centurion.


#1 Never Mess with Your Income to Debt Ratio


One of the main factors that rental agents and landlords use to vet tenants is their monthly income and their monthly debts. Many rental agents these days continue to run checks on tenants’ financials up to when they move into the property, due to the high amount of tenants defaulting on their rent these days.

While it may be tempting to buy that flashy big-screen TV for your new living room, or take out a loan to furnish your children’s new bedrooms, avoid doing so wherever possible before moving into your new home. It will stand you in good stead.


#2 Don’t Change Jobs


Let’s be frank, shall we? Many times, it won’t be in your control whether you change jobs or not. However, landlords love stability, and rental agents even more so. Switching jobs right before or after signing on a flat to rent in Centurion tends to make them nervous, and you want to give both parties every reason to feel confident.


Most landlords these days prefer their tenants to have a two-year job history in hand, so making that big career move just before moving in could slow things down, or kill the deal completely. Rather avoid taking the risk.


#3 Don’t Be Late!


Even though you’ve already qualified for the renting of the flat, be sure to stay up to date with your current bill payments and responsibilities. Late payments, even a single month, can affect your all-important credit score with major credit bureaux, on which landlords and rental agencies rely upon to gain an accurate picture of their tenants’ responsibilities and financial accountabilities.


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