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PUBLISHED 28 AUG 2017   

Moving with a Pet? Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Houses to Rent in Centurion


These days, finding a new house to rent in Centurion that’s pet friendly isn’t so easy. Giving yourself enough time to start the search is a great way to kick-off the hunt for pet-friendly houses to rent in Centurion. No one likes the hassle involved with moving, much less searching frantically for a home that accepts pets. If you’re renting at the moment, and anticipating needing to move within the next few months, start looking at listings now, and contact a reputable rental agency.


You must understand why it may be difficult to find houses to rent in Centurion that take pets. Put yourself in the landlord’s shoes. There might be good reasons why they don’t allow pets in their rental houses, like having bad experiences with irresponsible pet owners in the past. If you are moving into a security complex that allows pets, but your prospective landlord still won’t allow pets, penning a heartfelt letter to the landlord explaining your situation and why you would make an excellent tenant could just be enough to win them over.


The same goes for renting a standalone home, where the landlord also has a “no pets” rule. It’s also here where references of current and past landlords can help you out greatly, by having them talk about your well-behaved pets, and your considerate habits towards your neighbours as a pet owner. People in search of pet-friendly houses to rent in Centurion need to be able to sell themselves as responsible pet owners, who remain committed to providing responsible pet care, and also to being considerate, responsible neighbours.


Keep Your Eye on the Prize, and Don’t Waste Your Time


It might be difficult to accept, but recognise that it may ultimately be futile to try and sell yourself and your pet to a big rental community that has an overall “no pets allowed” policy. You’re more likely to enjoy success if you focus on places that allow pets in general. This may mean that you will have to give up the dream of renting in a specific complex that you’ve had your heart set on, but as long as you and your beloved pet can remain together, you are sure to find a beautiful house to rent in Centurion that accepts you both.


Let Us Help You Find a Pet-Friendly Home to Rent in Centurion


We have been helping South African families find houses to rent for more than 50 years. Our history of great service dates back to the 1960s, and we’ve been at the forefront of connecting tenants and landlords ever since. Thanks to our vast and extensive network of landlords and tenants, we have a list of properties that are entering the market.


This allows us to place quality tenants into beautiful houses throughout Pretoria. One of our seasoned rental agents will work with you to determine your specific needs, and then come up with a shortlist of properties that meet those needs. If you need a home that is pet friendly, we won’t waste your time with showing you properties unsuited for your family and pets. So, let us help you separate the wheat from the chaff, and let us help you find your next beautiful home in the city. 


Our rental agency is also registered with all industry watchdogs and professional associations, as a further guarantee of the great service you can expect. If you would like to learn more about us, and find out how we can help minimise the stress of finding the best home for your family, contact us today. We are ready to help you find your next home.