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What to Expect from Student Rentals in Hatfield


Searching for student rentals in Hatfield can be stressful. It can be such a nerve-wracking excursion that you might be tempted to just take the first and best rental that comes your way. Resist this, and don’t settle for second best. You’ll be spending the better part of your year there, and will need to live in a space that is safe, comfortable, and convenient – somewhere you can call home.


Student rentals in Hatfield are so competitive, with demand outweighing supply, which only further adds to the urgency of securing accommodation for you or your child. It’s tough, but there are ways in which you can make it easier on yourself. Let’s take a look at what to look for when searching for student rentals in Hatfield.


Know Your Area


If you’ve lived all your life in Pretoria, you will probably be pretty familiar with its popular suburbs. If you haven’t, you just need to do a little more research about Hatfield and where you’re going to complete your studies. Ideally, you’d find some student rentals close to where you’ll be studying, as this eliminates the morning and afternoon commute, and can help you save on travel expenses.


However, things don’t always work out like it would in an ideal world. If you can’t find student rentals in Hatfield within walking distance of your educational institution, make sure you choose a rental that is either on, or close to a public transport network, if you intend on using public transport as part of your commute. If you don’t, it’ll just end up costing you a lot more time, hassle, and money getting to and from your university.


What Amenities Do You Need?


Depending on your studies, and your personal needs, there might be specific amenities you need in your new suburb. This can include living close to a hospital or clinic to do practicals, or living close to a mall for recreational needs. Learn more about the amenities you expect from the area that you’re moving into, and make sure that these needs are met when signing the lease on your student rental in Hatfield.


Signing up for student rentals is unlike signing a traditional lease. You probably won’t be needing the accommodation for a calendar year. This needs to be conveyed right from the start, so as to avoid any confusion or disagreement between you and the landlord. Alternatively, it pays to work with a seasoned rental agency specialising in finding and facilitating student rentals in the Hatfield area.


Turn to Huurkor for Affordable Student Rentals in Hatfield


At Huurkor, we’ve been hard at work building a solid reputation for many decades by providing our valued clients with professional and value-adding services in real estate. For many years, we’ve been helping to connect landlords with students for reliable, safe, and convenient student rentals in Hatfield and other popular areas throughout Pretoria. 

Since our inception, we’ve helped students from all walks of life find the accommodation they need, at rates they can afford. Let us do the same for you. Thanks to our vast supplier network, we have an up-to-date stock list of properties that are available. Our team is ready to work with you to help find the accommodation you or your child needs for the duration of your/their studies.


Contact us to learn more about what we do, how we can help you, and for all the advice needed to close on the perfect student rentals in Hatfield. We are ready to help you enjoy a seamless and hassle-free tenancy, and find the best student accommodation available to you.