Signs You Need to Call a Letting Agency When Looking for Student Rentals in Hatfield?

PUBLISHED 12 JAN 2018   

3 Signs You Need to Call a Letting Agency When Looking for Student Rentals in Hatfield?


Trying to navigate the rental market in any major city is stressful enough, but it becomes that much more stressful when trying to find flats for Hatfield students in South Africa’s most densely populated city for students. It can be quite daunting, to say the least. Many people feel overwhelmed, and unsure about where and how to start the search. Oftentimes, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle if you are conducting the search alone.


If you’re feeling this way, then it might be time to call a letting agency to aid you in your search for affordable, safe, and convenient rentals for Hatfield students. Whether you’re looking to rent a flat for yourself or your child, you will benefit from working with a seasoned letting agent because they know the market well, and bring a wealth of knowledge with them that the average layman lacks. Here are three signs that you need to work with a rental agent to help you find a flat to rent in Hatfield.


#1 You’re Overwhelmed


If you take a look on a letting website at the different properties available, you will likely come across at least a dozen properties that spark your interest. Good news, right? It might be, until you pitch up to 12 different viewings, submit a dozen applications, photocopy your payslips and bank statements for each one of those, and then never hear back again.


When you work with a rental agency, you will only supply all your information once. After the agent vets you and confirms all your details, you won’t have to jump through any other hoops again. Instead, you can look forward to viewings of shortlisted properties, and signing on the dotted line, which brings us to the next point.


#2 You’re Tired of the Search


After a while, one viewing blurs into another and you don’t even remember all the properties you visited during the blur of confirmations, text messages, and emails. When you work with a rental agent, the agent enquires about your specific requirements, such as where you’re studying, whether you need a rental that has good access to public transport networks, and the types of amenities you’ll need in the area.


Following this, the agent creates a short list of properties that meet your needs. There’s no need to attend an endless parade of viewings, only to learn that everything doesn’t live up to what it said in the ad copy. Now you know that the properties the agent presents to you have the potential to become your new home for the foreseeable future.


#3 You’re Tired of Dealing with Owners


If you want to deal with a professional property expert, and don’t want to rent privately through owner landlords anymore, you definitely want to work with a rental agency. These agencies are geared towards making both the tenants and landlords’ experiences as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.


Your rental agent is your one point of access throughout your tenancy. The agency takes care of the move-in and move-out inspections, maintenance calls, and rent collection, and any other issues you may have throughout your stay at the property. You won’t have to deal with the owner of the property at all.


This is exactly what you can expect when working with us. We have decades of experience and a solid reputation in the rental industry in Pretoria. Contact us for affordable and conveniently situated flats for Hatfield students, and for expert advice and support throughout your stay in the city. We look forward to hearing from you.