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PUBLISHED 13 FEB 2018   

After the Move – 3 Easy Ways to Feel at Home in Your Student Accommodation in Pretoria


Just because you’re renting student accommodation in Pretoria, there’s no reason not to feel at home. After all, this is where you’re going to spend the foreseeable future cramming late into the night, working hard at your academic future, and living your life. It should feel like home. Now that the moving truck has been unloaded and the boxes stacked to the ceiling, it’s time to make your student accommodation your own.


It’ll be a labour-intensive process, but one that will be worth it, and made easier by our easy tips. Let’s take a look at three easy ways to feel at home in your newly acquired and moved-into student accommodation in Pretoria. And hey, you’ve found affordable, quality, and safe accommodation close to your academic institution in Pretoria, so the hardest part is over!


#1 Divide and Conquer, Always


There’s nowhere where it says that you need to take on the job of moving and settling into your new accommodation on your own. This is exactly why we have family and friends, to help us move and settle into our new homes. Give your friends and family who are willing and capable of helping you out a list of jobs to do.


This can include big jobs like furniture placement and making the living room comfortable, so that the team can have a much-needed break at the end of the day. Crossing tasks off a list will never be as satisfying as when moving into your first student accommodation in Pretoria, plus it gives everyone a goal to work towards, and makes them feel accomplished at the end of the day.


#2 Safety First, Always


Being in a new home can be a bit strange at first. Taking time right from the start to address any safety concerns will help make it easier. Take a look at all the windows, doors, and entrances, to ensure that they lock properly. Double check that you have enough keys for family members, roommates, and everyone else who needs keys to your place. Also, know where your apartment’s circuit breaker is and how to operate it. It might be necessary in future.


#3 Make It Personal, Always


Add furniture pieces, carpets, and upholstery that is uniquely you. With student accommodation in Pretoria, it’s not always easy to get away with painting the walls with colours that speak to your personality, as landlords can be funny about things like that and you never want to run the risk of losing your security deposit. But, you can still add accents to the accommodation that help you bring out your personality. It is a simple act that will make the accommodation feel like your home and make settling in that much easier.


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