Flats to Rent in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 27 MAR 2018   

Tenant Tips to Make Sure You Snatch Up Your Ideal Flat to Rent in Pretoria


The requirements for renting residential properties in South Africa have become more and more stringent, as landlords seek to hold on to quality tenants, and verify the financial details and history of new applicants. Prospective tenants have more hoops to jump through as landlords become increasingly vigilant about who they allow to move into their properties. In this climate, is there anything you can do to increase your chances of success at making your application for flats to rent in Pretoria stand out from the pile?


In popular urban cities like Cape Town, there are 58 tenants for every landlord, and they’re all vying for the same property. You’ll need to do all you can to make your application as attractive as possible, if you want to stand a chance at landing a competitive flat to rent in Pretoria. To start with, keep in mind that the more security and information that tenants are able to offer, thereby assisting with the vetting process, the faster it’ll be to work through their rental application. This also means that it’s likelier that the application will be approved, if everything checks out.


The Economy Plays a Role in the Rental Market


Due to the economic circumstances that many South Africans have found themselves in in recent years, many tenants have defaulted on their rental payments. Many are only partially paying their rent or are chronic late payers. This has negatively affected a large portion of landlords, prompting them to take measures to protect their investments. It’s because of this, among other reasons, that being a reliable and timely rental payer is perhaps one of the most important traits you, as a tenant, can bring to the table.


It’s easy for rental agencies and landlords to determine this. Credit checks and identity checks will be carried out to vet your rental application, and reference checks with current and past landlords will shed light on your rental payment history. If you have a good record, you are well on your way to getting the flat you want to rent in Pretoria.


Have the Required Documentation at Hand When Starting Your Search


It might sound like overkill, but it’s better being over-prepared than being under-prepared. If you book a viewing for a flat you think would be a perfect fit, try to get an application prior to attending the viewing. Complete it as much as you can, thus getting all the required paperwork ready beforehand. This includes bank statements, payslips, identity documents of all applicants, and any other information required by the rental agency.


Should you like the unit, hand your completed application form with all the required documents to the rental agent on your way out. Many other prospective tenants will leave the viewing with an application in hand, and will probably only end up emailing it back to the rental agent in a few days’ time, after collecting all the documents. If your application is complete and ready to be vetted, you may just have the upper hand.


These are only a few handy tips to help your application stand out from the rest. Of course, if you are looking to partner with one of the top rental agencies in Pretoria, you’ve come to the right place. We make it as easy and hassle-free on our tenants and landlords to secure a rental agreement in the city. We’ve been doing this for decades and have experience in helping tenants find the exact properties they need. To learn more about us, what we do, and how we can help you, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.