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PUBLISHED 17 APR 2018   

Four Responsible Pet Tips for Living in a Flat in Pretoria


Finding a pet-friendly flat to rent in Pretoria is hard enough, so you want to make sure that you never give your landlord or rental agency any reason to reconsider their pro-pet policy. Poorly behaving animals are a liability to tenants and can lead to no-pet rules being instituted not only in individual apartments, but in entire complexes or buildings.


So, represent all pet owners everywhere, and take the lead in setting an example of how a good pet owner manages their pets. Here are a few tips to help you adjust to living in a flat with a pet.


#1 Pick Up After Your Pet


This might seem like a no-brainer, but shockingly, many pet owners don’t adhere to this simple rule. Common areas in your apartment building are available for everyone’s enjoyment. No one enjoys stepping in dog waste while on their way to the car.


Avoid bad blood with your neighbours by taking a bag along when going on walks. There are usually waste drop-off stations in pet-friendly buildings, so make use of them. If there’s a litter box in the flat, clean it regularly to prevent strange odours from wafting down the hall to your neighbours’ units.


#2 Vaccinate Your Pet


As a responsible pet owner renting a flat in Pretoria, it’s up to you to avoid the spread of diseases by ensuring that your pet receives frequent check-ups by a vet, and also receives its complete list of shots. This also limits the extra risks associated with when your pet comes into contact with other pets in your building.


#3 Keep Your Pet Leashed


You wouldn’t take your dog out in public without putting it on a leash, so why would you take it for a walk in your building without one? Even if your puppy is suitably trained, be a considerate resident and take other residents into account who may not be as excited about pets by leashing your pet when outdoors.


#4 Mind Maintenance Notices


Your rental agent or landlord should provide you with sufficient notice, should there be any maintenance work that needs to be carried out in your flat. Ensure that your pets are seen to during this time frame, so that there isn’t any risk of hurting anyone, or having your pets run out the door. It’s a common courtesy to see to this, but it’s also a great way to show your landlord that you are a responsible pet owner, and that you appreciate the opportunity to rent a pet-friendly flat in Pretoria.


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