The rooms of your first student flat.

PUBLISHED 20 FEB 2019   

Three Rooms Everyone Needs to Focus On When Moving Into Their First Student Flat


It’s both an exciting and stressful time when your child moves into their first student flat. But, there are a few things you can do that will make the move easier. Don’t be fooled, filling each room of the new student flat might be a bigger feat than you anticipated. However, all is not lost. With a little bit of preparation and some focus on execution, you can have your new university student settled in and ready for a year of academic achievements with our list of things needed when moving into a new student flat.


While there’s always a great deal of focus placed on big furniture items, never underestimate the value that goes along with paying attention to the smaller household essentials that make a house a home. Let’s take a look at three things your student flat needs to become a happy, healthy, and welcoming abode.


#1 The Kitchen


After a long day of learning things, your student will want to get home and relax. To make it as easy as possible for them to rather make a nutritious and scrumptious meal, and avoid unhealthy takeout meals, make it as easy as possible for them to quickly prepare meals. Here is where you want to make value purchases rather than aesthetic buys. Purchase quality crockery and cookware that your child won’t mind working with, and that will clean up easily.


#2 The Bedroom


Unpacking boxes and clothes into their new closet is exciting and satisfying, until the hangers run out. Help your child keep organised and make sure that you have enough hangers. Buy an extra pack just to make sure, and help prevent clothes from ending up draped over the bed, flooding drawers, and lying all over the floor. Nothing succeeds in spoiling the new-home-cleanliness like a dire hanger deficit.


#3 The Living Room


This is perhaps one of the most important rooms of the student flat, and where your child will spend most of their time in the apartment, aside from sleeping. It can also double up as a study, so make it comfortable to relax in, but also practical. It can include a comfortable couch to enjoy hours spent unwinding in front of the television, but also a desk with a comfortable chair where hours will be spent with the books.


It’s a good idea to segment the room, if possible, so there is a clear separation between the relaxation area and the study area. It’s not always possible, depending on the size of the student flat, but with some careful planning, you can pull it off. Your child will thank you for it.


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