Student flats

PUBLISHED 20 FEB 2019   

How to Make the Most Out of Your Student Flat


Just because you are renting a student flat does not mean that your home away from home should be anything less than what you are accustomed to back home. You can make your student flat as inviting, safe, and comfortable as your family home with a bit of forethought and a lot of imagination. Of course, if you share your student flat with a roommate, it introduces a different dynamic. You will need to allow for someone else’s style and needs too, but you can still reach a happy compromise nonetheless.


Most student flats have a bedroom or two, a bathroom, and an open-plan kitchen and lounge. While it might not sound like much to work with, you still have your distinct recreational, study, sleep , and kitchen areas. You can really use your imagination to deck out the lounge area. Here is where you will be having the most fun personalising your student flat to your tastes. Naturally, to get the most out of it will require some forethought. It is always advisable to avoid trying to make your bedroom your recreational and rest area as well, because it makes it difficult for your body to know when it should be resting and when it should be working. To this end, avoid having a big-screen TV hooked up to a games console in your bedroom. Instead, have that setup in the lounge area, which will be your recreational area where you and your friends can unwind and binge on series.


Your bedroom should be an escape from the hustle and bustle of student life, the rush of city living, and the persistent presence of technology. It should not be your study area as well. The study area will need to share the space you dedicate to your recreation. Make space in the lounge for the area where you have your couches, television, music system, and other entertainment systems and have a separate, dedicated space there where you can go to study, even if it is only a small corner with a desk. It is important for your mind to know you have a dedicated space to study, as it will also help you form healthy study habits.


Make Sure You Choose the Correct Student Flat for Your Needs


The right student flat is about more than merely having the required number of bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It should also be close – or reasonably close – to the educational institution where you study. This helps to cut out public transportation or commuting time and helps ensure you arrive to class on time every day. Make sure you take all of these aspects into account when searching for your student flat.


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