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PUBLISHED 30 JAN 2019   

Acing A Landlord’s Credit Check on Your Flat Rental Lease Application


Whenever you rent a property, you will be required to pass some tests. It is understandable, once you realise that a landlord or their representative will allow you to move into someone’s investment property. They naturally want a good tenant who will be able to afford to rent the property for the specified time. However, you still have rights that are inalienable. Submitting to these checks does not mean that you lose these rights.


Besides reference verification and affordability checks, your credit score will likely also be checked whenever you apply for a flat rental in a city like Pretoria. At first glance, it can make prospective tenants nervous about their previous credit history, and the way it may affect their chances. This is especially true in current times when people are desperate to secure a property because urbanisation has put a strain on the availability of quality flat rentals in large cities such as Pretoria.


Can You See What Landlords See When They Conduct a Credit Check?


You have every right to query your own credit record too, just to be sure. You can also see what landlords or their agents see on your credit profile when you conduct your free annual credit check yourself. Each consumer is allowed one free credit report on themselves in a 12-month period; more if you are willing to pay for them. By knowing what credit score your prospective landlord or leasing agent will be seeing, you can anticipate any problems by setting your record straight before applying for your rental.


Many tenants in South Africa also do not realise that, when granting their leasing agent or landlord permission to conduct a credit check on them prior to signing a new lease, they are automatically providing permission for the agent to recheck their credit score at any time throughout the lease period. This is important to remember, since missing a payment on any of your other accounts may be reflected on your credit record. When the time comes to renew your flat rental in Pretoria, it is a red flag on your tenant profile.


Keep Your Flat Rental in Pretoria


Because the rental industry in large cities such as Pretoria and Johannesburg is so competitive, tenants are relieved when finally securing a flat rental. It is therefore in your best interests to stay in good standing with both your rental agency and other creditors. Landlords and rental agencies value good tenants who pay their rent on time and maintain their rental properties. With a sound credit record, you may even be rewarded with a below-inflation increase in your rental to thank you for your good behaviour. If you are a higher risk, you may be penalised for this. It comes down to how well you protect your renter profile. Which rental agency you partner with to help you find and secure your next flat rental in Pretoria is also very important.


Work with Huurkor for the Best Flat Rentals in Pretoria


For decades, we have helped families from all walks of life secure their home and flat rentals. We can do the same for you. Our experience in the residential and corporate rentals sector has helped us to learn what our clients need and how to meet these requirements. Thanks to our network of quality properties, we are likely to have the flat rental in Pretoria you have been looking for. Speak to our team of professional agents and let them provide you with a shortlist of properties that will suit your needs. We look forward to helping you find your next flat rental and to make your rental experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.