House to Rent in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 27 FEB 2019   

Want to Rent a House in Pretoria? Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Boost Your Qualification Rate!


Let’s be honest, it’s a landlord’s market in many of Pretoria’s top suburbs. This doesn’t mean that you have to lower your head in defeat and give up on the dream of renting a beautiful house in Pretoria. Quite the opposite! Just because there are many prospective tenants vying for the same houses that are available for rent, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be confident with your application.


By arriving at a viewing prepared and having all your ducks in a row, you can boost your chances of qualifying for the house you want to rent in Pretoria. Remember, the goal is to make your application as attractive as possible to the landlord or rental agency working as the landlord’s agent. Making their work easier will only boost the chances of your application’s success. So let’s take a closer look at ways in which you can improve your chances.


Know What You Want


Before you can start searching for your dream house to rent in Pretoria, you have to know what you’re looking for. It’s generally recommended to draw up two columns: must-haves and nice-to-haves. These columns will help you figure out what is non-negotiable in your prospective new house, and what you can possibly live without.


An example would be to have the house located in a good school district if you have school-aged children. If you work in the city, having a house that’s closely situated to the highway could be a deal breaker. However, being close to a great shopping centre could be considered a nice-to-have, and won’t necessarily break the deal on a good property that isn’t that close to a mall. The point is to know what you want and how much flexibility you have to move away from that prior to starting your search.


Be on Time


For the purpose of rental viewings, being “on time” means being early. This is especially true when trying to secure a house to rent in Pretoria, which anyone who has attempted to do can tell you that the competition can be cutthroat. Being reasonably early for the viewing could even snag you a few precious moments alone with the rental agent to make an impression.


Have Your Documents Ready to Go Prior to the Viewing


In order to have your application validated and approved, you’ll have to provide the rental agency with the bank statements and payslips of every person who will be on the lease. Pitching up to a viewing to see if you like the property, then going to the bank the next day and emailing your HR department for the payslips will waste valuable time.


By the time that you’re ready to submit all the required documents, three other couples may have already gotten their applications in, had them vetted, and possibly even been approved. This cycle can quickly become old and leave you despondent.

Be proactive – arrive with all the documents in tow for the chance that you may just love the house and want to put an application in. If it’s possible, email your rental agent prior to the viewing and ask for the application form so that you can submit all the required paperwork right after the viewing and the agent can just run your application the next day and let you know about the outcome. It may just be what sets your application apart and gets you approved for your dream rental home.


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