Affordable Ways to Boost Your Rental House’s Kerb Appeal in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 24 MAY 2019   

3 Affordable Ways to Boost Your Rental House’s Kerb Appeal in Pretoria


You want to achieve the highest rental yields on your investment property, but more than that, you want to attract high-quality tenants. As any real estate investor knows, the value that a great-quality tenant brings outweighs the immediate benefit of receiving a higher rent on the property. But, how do you attract great-quality tenants? You have more tools in your box than a competitive rental rate.


It can be tough setting your property apart from all the other houses available to rent in Pretoria, but with some preparation and clever approaches, you can boost your rental home’s kerb appeal without breaking the bank. It may just be the difference between a high-quality prospective tenant stopping by for a viewing or moving on to another property. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can boost your home’s kerb appeal without much trouble at all.


#1 Update the Outdoor Lighting


A quick and easy way to add interest to any house’s outdoor space is to simply replace any dated lighting fixtures with modern ones. You will be able to find so many types and ranges of light fixture options and styles available on the market.


Many of the choices available are affordable and will offer far more value than their actual cost. You may just end up being surprised at the difference that affordable light fixtures can make when upgrading your overall outdoor space.


#2 Keep Your Lawn Mowed


This may seem like an obvious one, but many landlords are blissfully unaware of how a poorly maintained lawn can degrade the overall aesthetic appeal of their property. A freshly mowed lawn does wonders for any property’s kerb appeal. There’s no need for anything overly fancy.


If you don’t have the time to get this done, hire a local gardening company that will quote you on a lawn mow. Your tenants can take over this responsibility once they move in, but the key is to attract a high-quality tenant that will want to take this on once they move in.


#3 Fix the Small Things in the House


Don’t underestimate the value of having tenants move into a home with a sturdy towel rail or a front porch light that works. While it may not make a striking impression on them during the viewing, the absence of these and other small details will definitely manage to make a negative impression.


Attending to these and other small things ahead of time will show your tenants that you’re a thoughtful and attentive landlord. It’s indicative of the level of cooperation they can expect from you in future and sets the groundwork for a fruitful and mutually beneficial professional relationship.


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