Moving Tips for When You Rent a House in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 12 AUG 2019   

Moving Tips for When You Rent a House in Pretoria


The city of Pretoria is home to beautiful residences and exciting places of interest to visit – no wonder so many people choose to rent their home in this city. If you are relocating or just moving to another area of Pretoria, you need a house that will suit you and your family’s lifestyle. Making this a possibility requires not only that you first find your dream home, but also that you make plans to move, which is always challenging.


Once you have made use of a rental agency and found a house to rent in Pretoria, your next step is to prepare for the move. As you grow older and introduce new members to your family, the number of valuables you own will also increase. The more you have, the harder it becomes to pack up and leave. At Huurkor, we have several decades of experience when it comes to finding a flat or house to rent in Pretoria, so we understand how stressful relocating can be. If you are seeking some tips and tricks to simplify the process, then have a look at our list.


Start Planning Early


If you tend to leave things to the last minute, this should be the exception. The earlier you begin your planning, the earlier you can start. Make a list of possible friends and family members who would be willing to help you and be sure to ask them well in advance. Sometimes, an emergency move needs to happen in as little as two weeks, but it never hurts to take a few hours to plot your strategy.


Think About Transport


Whether you are moving to a house for rent around the block or across Pretoria, you need a way to transport your possessions. Smaller items like clothing and décor can be taken in cars, but sometimes, using a moving truck really is worth the price you pay because of all the hassle it saves. Remember that the quicker you move, the less stress you will experience.


If you are planning to relocate and find a house to rent in Pretoria, why not get in touch with us? With hundreds of properties to choose from along with expert rental advice, we can help you find your dream home.


Have Your Supplies Ready


Whether you purchase your boxes from a moving company or ask stores for their old cardboard throw-aways, your packing will go much smoother if you have all your supplies ready before you start. Think about fragile items that require bubble wrap, newspaper, duct tape, and even security padlocks for cases containing precious assets. While listing all the things you need, remember to never underestimate how many containers you will require.


Pack Smart to Unpack Easily


Regardless of where the house you rent is, you will have to ensure that the way you pack makes unpacking on the other side easy. This means, for example, that it would not be wise to pack toiletries with kitchen utensils. Instead, designate boxes and containers for each room of your home and label them, and then place a sub-label beneath it that specifies the item, such as “books” or “cutlery”. All containers should be marked clearly in the same place so that people know where to look when identifying a box.


Get Rid of What You Won’t Need


When you rent a new house, you want a fresh start – so it may be time to get rid of those old items you have not touched in years. Donating is a great way to rid yourself of items that have no value other than sentimentality. For more valuable items, you could arrange a garage sale which will go on to fund your move.