When You Need Property to Rent in Pretoria – Huurkor Is Here to Help

PUBLISHED 18 SEP 2019   

When You Need Property to Rent in Pretoria – Huurkor Is Here to Help!


Pretoria is a beautiful city with some fantastic places to rent – and the property you select is likely the most significant aspect of your lifestyle. Think about it – where you live will dictate everything from your cellphone signal to how likely a victim of crime you will be. Seriously considering where you will stay is tremendously important as it affects your whole life.


Making use of a professional rental agent is one of the wisest choices you will make. Did you know that many landlords have no idea about what lease agreements should entail or how property law works? This leaves you in a tight spot as a tenant, because you would be unable to defend yourself. Another problem on the rise in South Africa is the issue of rental scams where tenants pay an upfront deposit to rent a place, only to have the “landlord” disappear with their money. To avoid such issues down the line, the solution is to find a property to rent in Pretoria through someone who understands the market.


The Role of Rental Agents


Essentially, rental agents work to pair suitable tenants with landlords. Landlords who opt for a rental agency to “manage” their property do so because it frees up their time and likely saves them money in the long run. While a rental agency acts on behalf of the landlord, you as a tenant are protected too. Professional rental agents not only understand the law behind contracts and agreements, but they can also answer all your queries about the property and explain what you are signing up for.


Find What You Are Looking For


When looking for a property to rent in Pretoria, you will find that figuring out the rental market in Pretoria is stressful. Without any prior experience, it is difficult to know what constitutes as a “good” flat, townhouse, or house, and what a reasonable price for it looks like. For example, if you are a student, then your primary focus will be on finding a home near your place of study – something affordable and possibly furnished. Finding such a place on your own is far more likely to succeed when done with the help of a rental agency.


Professionally Drafted Leases


Rental agencies who have worked in the Pretoria market for a long time know what a sound contract should include. This contract protects all parties involved, and when thorough and clear enough, it will ensure a straightforward occupancy. These tried-and-tested lease agreements work, and if you find that you do not fully understand something in the contract, the rental agent is more than happy to help.


Simplify All Communication


If continually communicating with the landlord sounds like something you would rather avoid, then a rental agent solves this issue. The agent dedicated to the property remains your point of contact throughout your residency, which simplifies your stay and reduces all stress involved.

Huurkor Is at the Forefront of Excellent Service


For decades now, we have helped thousands of tenants find a suitable place to call home. With our long-standing history of exceptional service, we make finding a property to rent in Pretoria a breeze. Our established reputation means that we will not let you deal with unscrupulous behaviour from landlords or rental scams, so you can rest at ease and enjoy your new home.


If you would like to get in touch with our sales and letting administrators, simply submit your details on our online contact form. You can also make use of our property filters and online tools to find out what to expect when you rent.