Here Is How to Renovate Your Houses for Rent in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 29 NOV 2019   

Want to Attract Tenants? Here Is How to Renovate Your Houses for Rent in Pretoria


Renting out properties in Pretoria is a fantastic idea – a lot of people want to live in the bustling, Jacaranda-lined city. If you do offer properties to rent in Pretoria, then you probably want to attract the best kind of tenant. Sometimes, great tenants are hard to come by, but it has a lot to do with what your property looks like. Houses that have been taken care of well draw in tenants seeking such a standard. Neglected properties to rent, on the other hand, may just attract the wrong crowd.


Remodelling your properties will not only allow yours to stand out in the savvy Pretoria market, but entice high-end tenants who will likely care for them in the right way. Below we discuss a few inspired ideas on how to renovate your houses for rent.


A Fresh Coat of Paint


Need to get things looking spiffy in a jiffy? Repainting the walls inside and outside of any property is the quickest and most affordable method of home improvement. Prospective tenants are almost instantly put off by the sight of stained walls, so make sure you make a positive first impression. Try to steer clear of white, and stick to neutral shades like beige or light grey. Also, remember to buy an extra container or two of the same paint just in case the walls need a touch-up.


Upgrade Your Flooring


Low-quality flooring, such as carpets and cheap laminates may start to fade after a few years. Invest in some stylish industrial carpeting or stone tiles, which are easier to clean and do not show dirt as quickly. Redone floors will also increase the value of your houses to rent and win over potential lessees.


Replace the Essentials


Eagle-eyed renters in Pretoria have been around the block a few times and know precisely the snags to keep in mind. Be prepared to answer questions surrounding that stovetop, light switches, electrical wiring, and plumbing. If within your house to rent, you find yourself repairing a leak or faulty electrical wiring often, then it is best to call in the professionals and replace it altogether.


Do Not Neglect the Bathroom


Bathrooms are often some of the most neglected spaces in homes. Nobody wants to rent a property with a bathroom full of mould or mildew either. Give the area a thorough cleaning, update the cabinets to something modern and fresh, re-enamel the bath, and replace the old caulk.


Think About Lighting


Houses that are too dark are not only unpleasant to live in, but also look smaller. Replace and add new light fixtures where needed and consider adding new windows too. If one room is naturally dark, paint the walls and ceiling lighter to create a more spacious feel.


Increase the Storage Capacity


Most houses to rent in Pretoria come with plenty of storage, so it is best to ensure that yours does too. More storage capacity is likely to interest high-end tenants who generally have more to store. Add some cupboards, shelving space, extra kitchen cabinets, and even shelving compartments in the garage.


Upgrade the Kitchen


A kitchen is an integral part of the home. Singles, couples, and families spend time there every day. This communal space, therefore, should impress any potential renters who step into the room. Make sure the area is free of grime and grease, and that the finishes on the countertops are smooth and stain-free. You can also change the faucets and cabinet handles to modernise the look a little.


Need help renting out your properties? We at Huurkor have been helping landlords find suitable tenants in Pretoria for decades now, and we are there to assist you with every step of the process. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us today.