Keep Up with These 2020 Trends When You Rent That Flat in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 17 JAN 2020   

Keep Up with These 2020 Décor Trends When You Rent That Flat in Pretoria


Style, flair, and personality expressed through interior décor are not reserved for homeowners only. In fact, with this year’s versatile indoor design trends, it is easier than ever before to create a beautiful space within the flat you rent. These South African trends do not only save space, but also borrow from a blend of both current local and international flavours. Unlike Cape Town and Johannesburg, both known for their fashion-forward, eclectic, and experimental interior design, citizens of Pretoria always seem to play it on the safe side. We do see, however, that more and more tenants in the city are catching up to the rest of the world.


So, what does someone who chooses to rent a flat in Pretoria need to know about 2020 décor trends? Firstly, it is really quite simple to implement! Even for those who do not plan on a full home upgrade, incorporating elements of some (or all) of the following thematic trends is entirely possible.


Trend #1: Natural Textiles


2019’s Scandinavian theme moves into a Nordic inspiration this year that finds its grounding in natural, organic materials. Wood and stone are both elements that seem to be making a comeback, now in their raw and unfiltered form. 2020 trends are all about bringing the great outdoors into the home using inviting colours, warmth, and harmony. The tactile quality of such décor also means that your home will feel far more engaging. Colours, such as black, charcoal, grey, and white will also add nuance and balance. For landlords looking to rent out their furnished Pretoria flat, it may be wise to consider some natural, wooden room dividers and stone or marble surfaces.


Trend #2: Maximalism


On the opposite, but not unrelated, spectrum is a look that more and more South Africans seem to be embracing – maximalism. Unlike minimalism, which counts on the use of clean lines and open spaces, maximalism makes use of every surface to tie the room together. Tenants who rent a flat in Pretoria can do this trend justice by understanding that it doesn’t need to be messy or cluttered, but rather a deliberate placement of colour, patterns, and textures. Blending well with maximalism and tactile décor in 2020 is velvet upholstery in the form of couches, chairs, and even headboards.


Trend #3: Multi-functional Furniture


This trend is particularly useful for a small flat – and Pretoria has plenty available to rent. Multi-functional design looks to create furniture and décor pieces that either have multiple functions, or can be moved in such a way to save space when needed. Modular couches and coffee tables with a built-in bookshelf are examples of using your space wisely, no matter how compact the area in your flat.


Trend #4: Indoor Gardens


Many apartments to rent in Pretoria do not have a small yard or even balcony – this may be difficult for tenants who enjoy nature and its calming effects. Vertical gardens grown along a room divider, hanging plants, and even potted plants in the right style of pottery will all add natural peace and tranquillity to your home. Peel-off wallpaper with floral, tropical, or leafy motifs may also be a good idea for those who wish to add more depth and interest to the room.


Trend #5: Natural Lighting


As sustainability and green living seem to be major inspirations for 2020, it makes sense that natural lighting will be used to make the most of indoor spaces. Natural lighting comes with a few benefits, such as saving energy, helping your indoor garden grow, and making a small apartment seem larger than it is.


Feel inspired to find the right home to finally decorate? Here at Huurkor, we can help you rent a flat in Pretoria that will suit your lifestyle, taste, and needs. To find out more, feel free to get in touch with us today.