Investing in student flats is seeing an excellent ROI


You Know All Those Investors Making a Killing Off Student Flat Rentals? You Can Too!


After an economically tumultuous 2019, led by a global pandemic, it has been a hard-hitting year for the property market. However, if you are a buyer, the odds are very much in your favour. Real estate prices have seen a massive drop. We are in a buyer’s market, creating opportunities for both foreign investors and first-time buyers.


Owing to economic and political factors, sellers have had no choice but to lower their prices. There are a lot more properties for sale, and sellers are more realistic about their prices. If you are looking to take advantage of the current buyer’s market and are looking to increase or even start a property portfolio, invest in student flats. Here is why.


South Africa Has a Student Housing Shortage


South Africa is way behind the curve in terms of supply versus demand. Each year, around 1 million students flock to cities to follow their career passion. However, a recent survey by the Department of Education revealed a shortfall of over 300 000 beds at universities and about 200 000 beds at Technical Education and Training Colleges. With demand significantly exceeding supply, this generates excellent opportunities for investors wanting to get into what we believe to be a highly profitable property sector.


Steady Income is Guaranteed


For any investor, a steady rental income is a priority, and one of the key benefits of investing in student flats is the consistently high occupancy rate and rental reliability. Student accommodation is in high demand as universities can only accommodate around 10% of their enrolled students. Adding to that, it is going to cost the government over a hundred billion to solve our student accommodation crisis. With South Africa’s move toward urbanisation coupled with the fact that the country boasts some world’s top academic institutions, investing in student flats is a golden egg that guarantees a steady stream of income.


Partner with a Reputable Estate Company


Off-campus student flats are a growing sector in South Africa and are proving to be a profitable buy-to-let option. It almost guarantees recurring rent for up to three years while students complete their degrees. However, one of the most crucial factors in sustaining good returns is vetting tenants properly and keeping occupancy levels high. For this reason, it is essential to partner with a reputable estate company, such as Huurkor, that specialises in this sector.


Why Choose Huurkor


A well-established, up-market real estate agency that started nearly 50 years ago, Huurkor is a successful real estate business that provides a professional service to buyers, renters, and leasers in Pretoria and Johannesburg. At Huurkor, we are distinguished for setting the standards across the spectrum and present our clients with only the best student flats for sale and rent in Pretoria that will provide an excellent ROI.


At Huurkor Sales, we provide every service connected with your investment – from expert advice in the early stages, registration, and insurance to hand over. Our goal is to improve your property buying experience by giving you an understanding of all your options available to you. We are not just your sales agents, but we are your property partners for life.


Investing in student flats is a new era of business that is seeing an excellent ROI. Whether you are a South African looking to invest in something that can bring in a steady stream of income, or a property investor looking to increase your property portfolio, there has never been a time to take advantage of this high-demand opportunity by investing in a top-quality student flat near one of Pretoria or Johannesburg’s top educational institutions.