Prepared for a Perfect Property to Rent in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 25 JAN 2021   

Prepared for a Perfect Property to Rent in Pretoria 

Based in Pretoria, Huurkor is a prominent role player in the South African property market sector. As our name and location suggest, rentals in and around Pretoria form the core of our successful business operations, which have nevertheless expanded to include additional areas of Huurkor operation and expertise like sales and sectional title administration.

A Robust Roof Overhead

With very few exceptions, which mainly pertain to members of nomadic tribes or people who still practice a hunter-gatherer existence, virtually everyone needs to have a robust roof over their heads, primarily as a place in which to live, and secondly, as a separate place where work is undertaken. This applies as much in Pretoria as it does in Pofadder, Paris, or Port-au-Prince. 

Residential Offerings

The former type of property or dwelling is residential, represented in a modern city like Pretoria by a wide selection of freehold houses, clusters, flats and apartments, and townhouses. In Pretoria’s thriving property market, any of these may be offered for sale or to rent, over the short, medium, or long term.

Places of Business

Workplace properties in the Jacaranda City, which is Pretoria’s alternative name amongst South Africans, also vary greatly, from individual units in state-of-the-art office parks and in corporate office buildings, to retail spaces in shopping malls and centres, workshops, warehouses, and light or heavy industrial factories. 

Productive agricultural properties – farms and smallholdings – usually encompass both, being places of work as well as residential dwellings. Farmers need to live close to where they work and vice versa, since agriculture tends to be labour-intensive, even in areas where modern mechanised farming methods are available. 

Real Estate Rental Market Sectors

At Huurkor, we focus on the following property sectors in Pretoria and the greater Gauteng region, all whilst we are also expanding our specialised operations into other provinces, as indicated previously:

Commercial buildings
Individual units and blocks of flats and apartments 
Freehold houses
Cluster homes
Sectional title properties
Update and refresh our services and expertise periodically to innovate and stay abreast of real estate economic trends in a constantly changing, often challenging market sector
Tailor-made real estate services and solutions that satisfy clients’ specifications, as required and wherever possible 
Play a prominent role in sectional title administration, particularly in Pretoria, our original Huurkor home base and territory

Current Conditions

In Pretoria, Huurkor has five well-established branches, each of which largely focuses on its surrounding areas, thereby enhancing the convenience factor for owners, landlords, and tenants:

Huurkor Sales – Montana 
Huurkor Commercial Properties
Huurkor Properties East
Huurkor – Sunnyside
Huurkor – Hatfield

A Proud History

At Huurkor, we have seen it all in the real estate industry – the challenges, trying times, and booming real estate markets, not just recently, but over decades, since 1968. That is now 53 years ago.

Presently, we have hundreds of properties to rent on our books, which is a great offering that enables tenants multiple opportunities to find the exact premises that suits their wants, needs, location, and facilities to a tremendous T – guided by the specialists at Huurkor, the home of rentals in and around the beautiful Jacaranda City. 

Because the South African economy, like that of so many other countries throughout the world, is currently experiencing really tough conditions, greatly exacerbated by the effects of and measures to contain COVID-19, it is even more important than ever that clients – tenants, buyers, sellers, landlords, and investors, avail themselves of the committed services of a reputable, bona fide real estate agency to handle their properties that are available to rent in Pretoria and elsewhere.