Ready to Rent a First-Class Flat in Pretoria

PUBLISHED 23 FEB 2021   

Ready to Rent a First-Class Flat in Pretoria


If you wish to rent a flat in Pretoria nowadays, you are in luck. You can pick and choose, especially if you utilise the rental services of rental specialists like Huurkor, our agency that has several branches in various parts of the city. New developments consisting of blocks of stylish flats or apartments have become features of many newer Pretoria suburbs, in contrast with the picture of the city’s erstwhile flatlands during the period in the mid-1900s.


These early flats, as well as rooming or boarding houses and residential hotels, were primarily situated in the longer-established suburbs, such as Sunnyside, Arcadia, Hatfield, Gezina, Waverley, Capital Park, Pretoria North, and of course, in the central business district. The heart of the Pretoria CBD still proudly features a number of grand, landmark historical buildings, which surround the gathering place of old, Church Square.


Is It a Flat or an Apartment?


Today, South Africans use the words “flat” and “apartment” interchangeably, whereas decades ago, flats were found in this country and in the United Kingdom, with which South Africa had strong ties and to a considerable extent, a shared, common history.


Apartments were viewed as somewhat posh, and as such, belonged in sophisticated European and American cities, or rather more accurately, that was the local perception, which may have held an element of truth. “Apartment” is derived from the French word “appartement” and/or the Italian “appartimento”, both meaning “a place that is separate/a separated place”, since each unit is part of one single building, but is entirely separate from its fellows, and has its own private facilities.


It is possible that many of the early South African flats were residential quarters situated above shops and offices, enabling occupants to be close to their places of business, without any commute whatsoever – the height of convenience.


Reasons to Rent


Once blocks of flats were established in this country, individual residential units were only available to tenants on a rental basis. Ownership was the preserve of the person who or company which held the title to the entire block. After the Sectional Title Act and its subsequent revisions were introduced, it became possible to own flats, townhouses, and similar units, but many people prefer to rent apartments in Pretoria and elsewhere, for a variety of reasons.


  • A rented flat is the popular, ideal first home for young people
  • Great for retired persons who do not want the responsibilities and stresses of property ownership
  • Generally safer and more secure than a free-standing house, because of the proximity and constant coming and going of neighbours
  • Rentals are typically a more affordable housing option, since tenants are not responsible for the costs of maintaining a large property
  • Ideal way to live independently, while saving money to purchase property later on
    • Perfect for a lock-up-and-go lifestyle
    • Renting an apartment allows the tenant to experience the pros and cons of living in a particular Pretoria area, without committing to a costly property purchase
    • Practical temporary solution during a house move when one must vacate a current dwelling before being able to move into a new property
    • Superb student accommodation for people studying at any one of Pretoria’s educational facilities, of which there are many
    • A short-term rented flat in Pretoria allows visiting businesspeople more freedom of movement, peace and quiet, plus privacy while working in the city and surrounding area
    • Opportunity for investors to earn an income from rental fees


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    A considerable proportion of the available properties in Pretoria are fine flats, ready to be rented to suitable tenants, who enjoy the advantages that our rent solutions offer. You pick, you choose, and we provide the selection and administrative expertise, acquired over many successful decades,