A Broad Overview of House Rentals in Picturesque Pretoria

PUBLISHED 15 APR 2021   

A Broad Overview of House Rentals in Picturesque Pretoria


It is often said that a house is not a home unless there are people living within the dwelling. Your home is your sanctuary, a place where you retire safely and securely at the end of the day, to relax, eat, sleep, and get on with the business of living in a manner that is largely removed from the pressures, stresses, and responsibilities of the frenetic world out there, beyond the boundaries of your Pretoria property.


Three Separate Capital Cities


There are three capital cities in South Africa, an arrangement which was made after the Boer Republics were defeated by British forces during the Anglo-Boer War, which ended in 1902. South Africa is unique in many ways, including the fact that it is the only country in the world that features three capital cities.


World famous for its natural beauty, incredible landscapes, Table Mountain, and a laid back, somewhat leisurely lifestyle, Cape Town is the legislative capital city and the location of the Parliament of South Africa. Bloemfontein in the Free State Province is the judicial capital and Pretoria, also known as the iconic Jacaranda City, is the executive seat of the country’s government, completing the trio. 


Distinctly Diverse Multicultural Mix


Modern Pretoria has a distinctly diverse ambience that is truly multicultural. The city’s status as the administrative seat of government, the presence of numerous government departments, two branches of the country’s armed forces (the South African Air Force and National Defence Force), a world-class university and various respected tertiary education and scientific institutions, local and international businesspeople and consulates serve to create a unique city.


Needed – Houses to Rent


As such, and also because of the resulting mixed demographics of Pretoria’s vibrant population, the city must cater for the housing requirements of students, diplomats, and long-, medium- and short-term local, national, and international business visitors, as well as leisure travellers and tourists. A vast proportion of these folks need houses to rent (rather than own) in Pretoria.  


In a major city like Pretoria, it matters not a single whit whether your sanctuary is a free-standing house of modest or palatial proportions, a modern or themed cluster in a security estate, a townhouse in a high-density development, or an inner city or suburban flat or apartment. It remains your home.  


Neither does it matter very much whether it is a property that you rent from a landlord or via an estate agency that handles rentals, or it is an actual freehold house that you own outright. It is still your safe haven, where you do not have to answer to anyone that is not a member of your household. The City of Pretoria is a historical gem with a vast range of housing options, combined with world-class, contemporary infrastructure, and the Jacaranda City offers it all, in spades.


Reasons to Rent


  • A “permanent” dwelling is not required. Various property market sectors choose not to commit to owning a house, since ownership generally indicates a long-term financial obligation. Many students in Pretoria may prefer to rent a room in a shared communal house, where they split the rental fee.
  • People who are caught between vacating a previous home and waiting for occupancy of their new property are likely to rent a house during the interim period.
  • Visiting business executives and people who are in Pretoria on a contract basis prefer a spacious, private temporary home that offers the comforts of their own homes. Many of them may be supplied with a rented house as part of their contract remuneration and perks.
  • Most young adults, who leave the parental nest for the first time, will rent for a considerable length of time before they buy their own homes.


Whatever your preferences and requirements may be, it is far simpler, easier, and more convenient to rent a house in Pretoria through a company like Huurkor, which has been specialising in residential rentals, sales, acquisitions, and relevant administration since 1968.