Student Flats an Alternative Type of Student Accommodation


Flats, an Alternative Type of Student Accommodation


“Change is the only constant”, or so they say, and few would disagree. Once upon a time, but not all that long ago, one had a choice of living in a free-standing house or a flat. Most apartment dwellers consisted of young adults who chose a flat as a start-up, first home after leaving their parents’ house, or the other end of the spectrum – retired people, who were downsizing.


Rental Only Flat Dwellings


All flats offered rental accommodation only. Sectional title ownership and the act that governs and regulates this sector of the property market was way into the future. Even then, occupants of flats paid their rent directly to the owner, landlord, or an estate agency, duly appointed by one or the other party.


Over the years, education in South Africa has also changed a great deal. However, within less than a century, the role and importance of education in society and the workplaces of the world, particularly during the latter part of the 20th century and the first two decades of the 21st century, has undergone really significant changes.


Easy to Find a Job


Right up until about the middle of the 1900s, youngsters, who left school at the age of 16 years – with a Standard 8 (Grade 10) certificate – could find a job quite easily.


Those in possession of a matriculation certificate were considered well-educated, especially if they had passed their matric exams at the higher, university entrance level, irrespective of whether they enrolled at a university or not.


Post-Matric Studies


Many young people with a technical bent and Standard 8 or matric certificate chose to enrol as a student at a technical college or Technicon, there to further their education in the technical or trade speciality of their choice, and thereby improving their employment opportunities and earning potential.


The Choice – Technicon Versus University


The general view at the time was that a technical qualification from a technical institute prepared successful graduate students to enter the job market immediately after graduation, whereas students with a university degree were academically qualified, but somewhat unprepared for the practical aspects of employment.


Hostel Accommodation


Each of this country’s universities offered accommodation to its undergraduate students. Because there were fewer enrolments, a university entrance matric certificate and a timely application was all but sufficient to gain acceptance to further one’s education.


Although the hostel accommodation on offer was insufficient to cater for all enrolled learners, it was nevertheless adequate for most of the resident student body. Very few had to look for alternative digs in a private boarding house or flat.



Scarcity of Suitable Flats


Flats that did cater for students were scarce, in short supply and mainly occupied by post-graduate young people. Blocks of flats that were specifically geared towards and deemed “student flats” were unheard of until a few decades later, when tertiary education institutions had expanded and increased in number, as had the size of the South African population and the number of applications to enrol for further tertiary studies.


Needless to say, the increased demand for alternative accommodation was instrumental in creating a new type of apartment – specifically intended for occupation by students attending a college, university, technicon, or other tertiary education facility.


Likewise, a new type of property investment opportunity followed – investment in either a block of student flats, or in one or more individual units. Because the numbers of school leavers who wish to further their studies will continue to grow, it is fair to expect the demand for such apartments will increase accordingly, making this an appealing investment to add to any investor’s portfolio.


Whether you are a prospective student flat tenant, buyer, seller, or investor, Huurkor is ideally placed to be of assistance, as we have been since 1968, just when the rental market was set to undergo change and evolve. We look forward to becoming your rental partner in Pretoria, where tertiary education facilities abound.