Notes On Choosing Properties To Rent In Pretoria

PUBLISHED 29 JUN 2021   

Notes on Choosing Properties to Rent in Pretoria


Properties, located in Pretoria and elsewhere, that you own is deemed yours, from your vehicle to your clothing, from the contents of your fridge and the duvet on your bed to your hat and your home. In most cases, items were purchased outright and paid in full.


However, with property that is considerably more costly – like vehicles, your home, farm, or business premises – the previous owner or the applicable financial institution retains ownership, that is until such time as you have paid the agreed-upon price and allied costs. Thereafter, you are the full owner with full title, plus the legal rights accorded to an owner.


In everyday speech, people tend to refer to the properties they rent in Pretoria as “their” home, house, flat, apartment, townhouse, cluster dwelling, farm, smallholding, factory, or office, despite not actually owning it.


Binding Rental Contract


Its primary reason is that once the tenant has signed the required rental documents and contracts, they have simultaneously agreed to assume certain stipulated legal requirements and responsibilities, as contained in the binding rental contract. This contract is binding and must be honoured by both parties – tenant and landlord or property owner.


Pretoria’s Executive Status


Pretoria is the executive or administrative capital city of South Africa. The other two capital cities are Cape Town and Bloemfontein, respectively designated as the legislative and judicial capitals. Pretoria’s longstanding executive status has been instrumental in making this iconic centre the most practical and obvious choice for the establishment of other nations’ embassies and diplomatic corps.


Rent Rather than Buy Properties


Their staff members on all levels are typically posted to Pretoria on a temporary or contract basis, so these semi-transient folks generally tend to rent properties in Pretoria, rather than buy and then have to sell again upon their return to their home countries, once their tenure has expired.


Viable Alternative Accommodation


The presence of numerous tertiary education facilities are additional features of this busy city. The numbers of students are so great that only a minor percentage of these young folks are able to secure accommodation in an official on-campus residence. Thus, they are compelled to join the ranks of folks who rent properties in Pretoria – individually or on a communal, property – and rental-sharing basis.


Unfamiliar Newcomers


Newcomers to the city, who may be completely unfamiliar with the area, the inner city, and its suburbs, frequently decide to rent a property initially, before making an informed, practical decision about where to settle down, perhaps buy a home too. In the meanwhile, this plan buys them time to scout around and experience what each neighbourhood has to offer.


At our company, Huurkor, our primary business has always focused on the rental sector in Pretoria, so we have been in the fortunate position to monitor and respond to market trends, demographics, and demands.


Minimally Encumbered


As such, we also find that young singles, leaving home to live independently, away from mom and dad’s cosy, comfortable nest, and couples starting out in their lives as a unit, choose to rent a property. Some may need to save money for a sizeable deposit, whilst others prefer to avoid the responsibilities of outright property ownership while they are enjoying a free-and-easy lifestyle, with few encumbrances.


Comprehensive Portfolio


Although we have thus far focused mainly on residential property rentals, Huurkor assists clients with a great deal more. Our portfolios additionally include sales and rentals of houses, sectional title units, farms, and commercial and industrial premises.


Much like our clients, we are committed to moving with the times, as expected from a leading estate agency, based in Pretoria, and also operating in Akasia, Boksburg, Brakpan, Centurion, Cullinan, Midrand, Springs, and Roodepoort. If you are looking for properties to rent in Pretoria or elsewhere, Huurkor endeavours to help you find the one that fits the bill – and your budget.