Top Selection of Student Flats in Pretoria


A Top Selection of Student Flats in Pretoria


The tertiary education landscape has undergone various changes throughout the latter part of the 20th century right up until today, in 2021. Some of these changes have been quite significant and are unlikely to ever again revert to trends of the past.


Changed Demographics


To begin with, the demographic make-up of the South African population has changed enormously in many respects. In this instance, we refer to the already vastly increased and still ever-growing numbers of students seeking admission to institutes that offer bona fide tertiary courses.


Population by Age


By 2019, it was clear that there were more and more young people that made up the population of this country. As is still the case, many of these young South Africans wanted to further their education beyond high school level in order to be more competitive in an already limited formal sector job market. The statistics for younger age groups in 2019 revealed the following estimates – in thousands:


  • 15 - 19 years: 4 656
  • 20 - 24 years: 4 870
  • 25 - 29 years: 5 457 (typically post-graduates)


Additionally, the numbers of young people, who might be candidate students in future, potentially seeking tertiary education plus accommodation, would swell these numbers exponentially, and most probably has done so already:


  • 5 - 9 years: 5 848
  • 10 - 14 years: 5 503


Irrespective of the accuracy of these estimates, the need and demand for suitable accommodation at all reputable colleges and universities is greater than ever before. There simply is not enough on-campus residential accommodation on offer, and one cannot rely on the successful outcome of remaining on a waiting list, patiently anticipating good news – placement in an official on-campus residence.  


When Demand Exceeds Supply


The available supply of official student rooms has not been able to satisfy this demand for many decades – a fact which has created a significant demand for off-campus accommodation in a flat. Other than boarding with relatives near to the institution, a flat is regarded by many a student as the only or preferred alternative accommodation option.


Enter Huurkor


This is where Huurkor’s expert services enter the picture. Founded in 1968, Huurkor has been instrumental in helping tens of thousands of people find a home, initially flats offered on a rental basis, since this was long before the advent of sectional title ownership.


Today, however, our portfolio includes flats – for students (and others) – townhouses, cluster and freehold homes, farms, and commercial and industrial properties – to rent, buy, or sell. We have seen a huge increase in the demand for student flats, of which we have a wide selection on offer, especially in Pretoria, a city that is home to a multitude of tertiary educational facilities.


Tertiary Options


Traditionally, furthering one’s education by attending a university and obtaining a degree was regarded as “first prize” for school-leavers. However, colleges and other institutes of higher learning that focus extensively on practical or technical skills have come to their rightful place nowadays, particularly since they equip graduates with the necessary know-how and qualifications that enable them to start earning a living at their craft as soon as they have graduated.


Student Flat Prerequisites


Here are some prerequisites for student flats to look for:


  • A safe, secure environment that is not noisy
  • Proximity to the college or university
  • If not possible, the flat should be relatively close to a bus or reliable public transport route to allow easy, convenient access to campus
  • Near shopping facilities
  • A well-maintained building
  • A kitchen
  • A separate bedroom for each occupant, since students may choose shared accommodation to keep costs down
  • One or more bathrooms, depending on the number of students who occupy the flat


These are some of the important factors which flat dwellers should take into account, particularly those engaged in studies. It takes a considerable amount of knowledge about local conditions, infrastructure, and flats on offer to help ensure that tenants and buyers of student flats get suitable accommodation. In partnership with Huurkor, it is almost a given fact.