When Suitable Student Accommodation is Imperative

PUBLISHED 23 DEC 2021   

When Suitable Student Accommodation is Imperative


As an estate agency that was initially established to help tenants find flats in Pretoria, a city that’s known for its myriad tertiary educational facilities, Huurkor began its professional operation as a specialist in the flat rental field. We’re thus fully au fait with all the seasonal trends that affect our industry.


When the year draws to a close, most students down their tools and embark on their longest annual holidays. Official university or college residential accommodations have been vacated, pending the start of the new academic year in 2022.


A Well-Deserved Break for All


Those who have graduated and completed their studies may already have secured employment that commences in 2022, or they may already be working, having bid farewell to their familiar lecture hall benches a while earlier. Virtually everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break, even if only between Christmas and the New Year.


A Massive Intake of New Students


As the height of the festive season approaches, one very substantial group of young people is eagerly anticipating a brand-new chapter in their lives, post-12 years of schooling. A massive intake of new learners, who will soon be attending classes at a recognised South African institute of tertiary education and training, will occur.


Student Accommodation Required


Almost all these hundreds of thousands of aspirant learners must have suitable living spaces that are conducive to the pursuit of more advanced studies if they’ve not already done so. The start of an academic year waits for no one. The confirmed start and term dates for next year have been set some time ago.




Some students for the 2022 intake have been fortunate enough to secure a spot in an on-campus residence, but unfortunately, the demand for this type of accommodation always outstrips the supply thereof.


Alternative Options


Hundreds, if not thousands, of students, have to secure alternative and private accommodation unless their parental homes are close to their chosen tertiary facility and they continue living there, or they’re able to board with extended family members or friends who live within a reasonable or convenient distance from their campus.


A student flat is one of the preferred alternative types of off-campus accommodation, an option selected by many post-graduate students. Nevertheless, renting a suitable flat isn’t the sole domain of post-graduates.


With a few provisos, such accommodation is the optimal solution for first-time learners too, if it is:


  • A block of flats that’s primarily designated as suitable student accommodation quarters
  • Already predominantly occupied by folks who are engaged in the pursuit of tertiary qualifications
  • Relatively close to campus or located on a reliable and safe public transport route that’s easily accessible
  • In a safe neighbourhood
  • In a secure, well-maintained building
  • Private and offers each unit’s occupant/s a quiet bedroom that also accommodates a desk and bookshelves in addition to typical bedroom furnishings
  • Equipped with a kitchen with facilities or appliances to store foodstuffs and prepare or heat meals
  • Equipped with laundry facilities
  • A living space that features one or more bathrooms
  • An area that boasts a comfortable lounge space in which to relax, unwind and socialise
  • A unit that comes with sufficient, secure parking, if applicable


Needless to say, the undergraduate who chooses a flat should be a reasonably responsible person, who is suitably serious about their academic performance, as would also be the case when an official on-campus residential hostel is to be their home for three or more years. For even longer periods, residing in a flat would usually be preferable.


Summon Huurkor’s Help


The adverse results of selecting the wrong type of flat in the wrong building or area might significantly impact negatively on a person’s ability to learn and retain knowledge. You’d be well advised to utilise the expert services of Huurkor in Pretoria to secure suitable student accommodation in this area.